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Blue Lobster On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

We were taking a walk along Coast Guard beach after the storms a few days ago when I saw this blue lobster in the sand. Hmmm…. What was it? Where was it from? Was it indeed a lobster without its legs?

Was it really a blue lobster?  What it something else? I have no idea but I thought it was a pretty cool photograph.

Surfing Backwards At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

The waves were up with the remnants of Hurricanes Jose, so the surfers were in their glory. This surfer was strutting his stuff at Coast Guard Beach and had everyone watching.

Notice how he starts facing frontward and then turns around so he is surfing backwards. Pretty cool!

Common Baskettail Dragonfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

“The Common Baskettail is a medium-sized, dull brown dragonfly with a series of yellow-orange lateral spots on its stout abdomen. Many individuals have a large brown triangular spot at the base of each hindwing; however, the wings may be clear.”

I saw this Common Baskettail Dragon on one of the trails at Fort Hill in Eastham. I had never photographed one before. I love his little face.

What do you think?

Nauset Marsh From Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod

I love to park at Fort Hill in Eastham and then hike down to Hemenway Landing which is right on Nauset Marsh on the National Seashore. There is always something interesting to see along Nauset Marsh whether it be a bird, a butterfly, a boat, kayakers or just the gorgeous views.

I took this photograph in both a horizontal and a vertical layout. Which one do you like better?