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Cabbage White Butterfly On My Zinnia On Cape Cod

I planted a lot of flowers in my yard here on Cape Cod to try to attract the butterflies and hummingbirds. This White Cabbage butterfly liked my Zinnias the best!

A White Cabbage butterfly is about 1 and 5/8″ with black on its forewing tips. The male has one black spot and the female has 2 black spots, so this is a female.


After she had her fill of the Zinnias, she alighted on the rock slab at the base of our bird bath and spread her wings, showing her true colors.

Pretty butterfly, don’t you think?

Beautiful Orange And Black Pearl Crescent Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

I was taking a walk at Fort Hill, looking for new birds, wildflowers and butterflies to photograph. This pretty Pearl Crescent landed on the trail right in front of me and then I saw a pair of them on a clover down the ways a bit.


Pearl Crescent butterflies are orange with black borders, scattered black markings and a wingspan of 1- 1 1/2 “. Their habitat is fields and meadows which is exactly what Fort Hill has to offer.

Pretty little butterflies, don’t you think? I had never seen this one before!

Cabbage White Butterflies At Nauset Marsh In Eastham On Cape Cod

There are still plenty of Cabbage White butterflies flitting about this fall on Cape Cod, especially near the marshes.

We saw these two butterflies at Nauset Marsh the other day. I wasn’t sure why one had 1 spot and the other had 2 spots, only to learn later that the female has 2 spots.


They loved the yellow wildflowers growing in the marsh.

Yellow Clouded Sulphur Butterfly In Eastham On Cape Cod


I’ve only seen 2 types of butterflies since we arrived here on Cape Cod a month ago…. a white one and this pretty yellow Clouded Sulphur butterfly.

It was the same species that I saw a lot of in Colorado.

So pretty, don’t you think?  Love his eye!

Nauset Marsh From Fort Hill on Cape Cod Is Spectacular!


The views of Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill on Cape Cod are just spectacular! You can see Nauset Light in the distance, as well as the distant shores.

Up close, there are a lot of trails around Fort Hill  for you to explore. Don’t forget your binoculars with all of the birds.


Or take your kayak out for a beautiful paddle around the marshes and see all of the amazing wildlife. There is so much to do around Fort Hill and Nauset Marsh, I’m sure I will have many more Blogs about this amazing place!