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Native Bristly Sarsaparilla Wildflower In Provincetown On Cape Cod

I saw this wonderful native Bristly Sarsaparilla wildflower when we were up in Provincetown last week. It was so pretty and unusual. It has flower clusters at the top of erect, bristly stems and grows 1-3 feet with blooms June and July. The flowers turn into dark blue berries. Pretty cool, huh?

Have you ever seen a Bristly Sarsaparilla wildflower?

Pretty Yellow Scotch Broom By The Provincelands Visitors Center In Provincetown On Cape Cod


The yellow Scotch  Broom wildflowers are especially pretty this spring by the Visitors Center at Provincelands in Provincetown on Cape Cod. The pea-shaped flower is about 1″ and blooms in May and June.

Such a delicate little flower, don’t you think?

A Welcoming Pilgrim in Provincetown On Cape Cod


As you drive into Provincetown on Cape Cod, you are greeted by a pilgrim who rings his bell and welcomes everyone in sight. It’s really pretty cool.

Phil and I had met this Pilgrim last fall at one of the joint Chamber of Commerce get-togethers so it was fun to see him and chat with him again.

He loves posing for photographs in his quaint, historic town on Cape Cod.

Pretty Little Blue Forget-Me-Not Wildflowers In Provincetown on Cape Cod

These pretty little light blue Forget-Me-Not wildflowers caught my eye when we were walking around Provincetown. They are such a small and delicate wildflower with a golden “eye.” They grow to about 15.”

I had seen many of them out in Colorado but had not seen any here on Cape Cod, so it was a big treat to see the Forget-Me-Nots again!

Provincetown On Cape Cod Is Such A Fun Place To Visit!


We have had a blast visiting Provincetown on Cape Cod the past couple of weeks. There is so much to do and so much to see. Provincetown is noted for its excellent art galleries and excellent restaurants.

At the entrance to one of the docks where many artists have little shacks to display their work, there is a bench surrounded by colorful buoys.

What a perfect photo-op, don’t you think?