Cool Photograph At Town Cove In Orleans On Cape Cod


There was only one boat left at the end of the Town Cove in Orleans on Cape Cod. It was starting to look like winter was coming.


As I took this photograph, I noticed how very long my shadow was when I didn’t zoom in on the boat and the water.

Pretty cool photograph, don’t you think?

Great Blue Heron At Nauset Salt Marsh On Cape Cod


This Great Blue Heron, my very favorite bird,  had just landed at Nauset Salt Marsh on Cape Cod. It is always such a treat to see them.

Love his spread wings… such a beautiful bird! Great pose, huh?

Seafood Delight At Our Home On Cape Cod


Seafood Delight is one of Phil’s specialties. I am so lucky to have a husband who loves to cook, especially seafood dinners! A little shrimp, scallops, calamari, asparagus, tomatoes and his signature stuffed clam on top. Yummy!

This was delectable! Looks pretty good, huh?

Spectacular Sunset at Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod


This was one of the most beautiful sunsets that we’ve seen on Cape Cod this fall. As the sunset colors brightened over the waters of Cape Cod Bay, the cars startin driving ing into the parking lot and people were streaming out onto the beach looking for that perfect sunset photo op.

Spectacular, don’t you think?

Beautiful Greater Yellowlegs At the Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary On Cape Cod



It was low tide at the Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary on Cape Cod so we were able to walk all the way out to the beaches. You have to walk part of the way on a boardwalk that is submerged when the tides are higher.

We were treated to many shorebirds that day darting about the eddies, looking for food.  But this Greater Yellowlegs was absolutely stunning as he waded through the water.

What do you think?

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