Orange And Black Baltimore Oriole Making A Nest In Our Yard On Cape Cod

  1. We have many gorgeous orange, black and white Baltimore Orioles hanging about in our yard. We have discovered 2 nests in the nearby trees.

Baltimore Orioles build their nests using materials they can weave as their nests hang down from a branch. We were in the Birdwatcher’s General Store in Orleans the other day when Mike, the owner, gave us a little “horse hair.” He said, “Throw it about your yard and watch the Baltimore Orioles pick it up for their nests. And…we did and…they did! Amazing!

This little guy was flitting about on the ground. I liked how he landed on the rock in the garden. Beautiful bird, don’t you think?


Horseshoe Crabs In Cape Cod Bay


I took a walk along the beach the other day at high tide and there were Horseshoe Crabs everywhere! I counted 55 in one little area. I contacted the expert at the Massachusetts Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellfleet to tell him what I had seen. He said that with the warmer weather now, the Horseshoe Crabs will be very active.

Did you know that Horseshoe crabs are an ancient group of arthropods whose bodies are encased in a hard, oval shell? They have a long, rigid tail and five pairs of legs that they use for crawling, swimming, and gathering food.

It was really quite a site to see!

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