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Beautiful Little Copper Butterfly On Cape Cod.

The butterflies are starting to migrate back to Cape Cod this time of the year. It’s so much fun to see a couple of new ones each day. This Little Copper Butterfly was feasting on the flowers at Fort Hill. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The Little Copper butterfly is a small butterfly with a wing span of only about 1″. Its fiery tones are just gorgeous among the white flowers. You can see the difference in coloring in the 2nd photograph when its wings are folded up.

Beautiful little butterfly, don’t you think?

Beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly On Cape Cod!

I was so surprised to see this beautiful Mourning Cloak butterfly flitting around our yard. I saw them frequently when we lived in Colorado, but I had never seen one here on the Cape.

A Mourning Cloak is a large butterfly with a wingspan of around 3″. Its color is predominantly¬† deep maroon with a marginal row of violet-blue marks and yellow borders.

Have you ever seen a Mourning Cloak butterfly? Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think?

Question Mark Butterfly On Cape Cod.

I saw this butterfly on my tree but didn’t know what it was. It is quite different with its wings folded up and extended.

The Question Mark is a large orange butterfly of about 2 and 1/2 inches with black markings on its fore-wings. I learned that it finds nourishment in tree sap which is why it was on the bark of my tree.

Have you ever seen a Question Mark butterfly ?


Pretty Pearl Crescent Butterfly In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

I saw this pretty Pearl Crescent flitting from one bush to another. I wasn’t sure what kind of butterfly it was, so I used my Leps App and found out that it is a Pearl Crescent. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

It looks so different with the wings spread out and folded up. Pretty little butterfly, don’t you think?


The Monarch Butterflies Are Back On Cape Cod!

You know that summer is really here when the Monarch butterflies are back here on Cape Cod. They are so beautiful with their orange and black distinctive colors. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

This is the first Monarch butterfly that I’ve seen so far this summer, yesterday morning at Fort Hill. It landed right on a Milkweed plant which is what they love to feed on.

Have you seen a Monarch butterfly yet this year?


Beautiful Yellow Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly On Cape Cod.

I’ve seen so many of these beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtails flitting around in the woods and the meadows. This one finally landed right on the trail in front of me. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

I took 2 photographs so you could see the difference between the upperside and the underside of it. Have you seen one this year yet?