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Beautiful Coral Hairstreak Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


I had never seen a Coral Hairstreak before, so when I took this photograph, I had to do a little research. They are a small butterfly, only 1-1 1/4″ and overall brown with bright coral markings.

Have you ever seen a Coral Hairstreak? Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? Love how it landed on the orange Butterfly Weed Plant… so pretty. It seems like everytime I go to Fort Hill I see another new butterfly. Such a magical place.

Gorgeous Pink Dianthus Deptford Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


The pink Dianthus Deptford wildflowers that are blooming at Fort Hill now are just spectacular! They are tiny little flowers, only about 1/2″.  They have up to 5 stamens and 2 pistils which are  twisted.

It is such a unique, delicate wildflower. I love the dots and the purple stamens.

Have you ever seen a Dianthus Deptford wildflower? They are blooming all over Fort Hill, so they are easy to see. The pink will catch your eye along the trails.


Beautiful Little Wood Satyr Butterfly On Cape Cod!


I hadn’t seen a Little Wood Satyr butterfly in a couple of years and this one was stunning. It  landed on a leaf on the side of the Doane Rock Trail to Coast Guard Beach.

The Little Wood Satyr butterfly lives on woodland edges as well as salt marshes, which explains why we saw it there on that trail.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? I love its markings…

Gorgeous Skies On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Sometimes the early morning skies on Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore,  are just breathtaking. This one was exceptional! Look at those clouds!

We were walking down to Nauset Spit and saw that this huge log that had washed ashore. I thought… what a gorgeous photograph!

It doesn’t get much prettier! What do you think?


Lots Of Northern Bobwhites At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


Yesterday was one of those days when it was cloudy and cool enough to take a nice walk at Fort Hill in the afternoon. Usually it gets too hot by then. I thought maybe we might see some new wildflowers or perhaps, a butterfly or two. We most often see birds in the morning or evening, not in the middle of the day. (Click on blog link to see more photographs.)

Little did we know that we would see six Northern Bobwhites walking on the trail. Two at a time in 3 different locations. What a treat! We haven’t seen one yet this year but have frequently heard their call, “Bob-white! Bob-white!” I learned this call from my Dad when I was a little girl, as he was an avid birder and I have never forgotten it. It is so clear and so distinct!

Most of the time they were on the trail in front of us running down the trail while we tried to get a photograph. They were pretty quick. And just when we were giving each other a fist bump, we would see 2 more walking along the trail. It was really cool!

Have you seen a Northern Bobwhite this year? There are obviously quite a few at Fort Hill and they do like to walk the trails… with us! 🙂


Beautiful Pink Crown Vetch Wildflowers On Cape Cod!


As soon as I see the Crown Vetch wildflowers, I know that summer is really here! I saw these in the parking lot at the Visitors Center in Eastham and also in the parking lot at Coast Guard Beach.

Crown Vetch, a creeping plant, has bi-colored,  golf ball size flowers that grow in clusters at the end of stalks. They make lovely ground cover and are often planted to restore nutrients , especially nitrogen, to the soil. They grow on roadsides (or parking lots) from June to August, so you have plenty of time to see them.

So pretty, don’t you think?