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Stormy Morning At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

We were surprised to wake up to rain falling last Saturday morning, but decided to take a ride up to Fort Hill anyway. Three kayakers paddled by, unscathed by the cool, rainy weather. That sure is dedication!

All of a sudden the sun peeked out for just a minute, so Phil and I clicked away. He took a black and white photograph and I took one in color. What do you think?

High Winds And Big Waves At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was incredibly windy here on Cape Cod. It was the kind of day when you take a walk down to the beach but you don’t want to stay too long as the sand is blowing right in your face. I took this photo at Nauset Light Beach in the morning.

So pretty with the waves, don’t you think?


Still Kayakers On Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

It has been a glorious week here on Cape Cod with sunny skies and warm temperatures.  We weren’t surprised when we saw these kayakers enjoying a paddle around Nauset Marsh yesterday.

What  gorgeous view! It doesn’t get much prettier…