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Pack Of Coyotes Feeding On A Humpback Whale By Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

We were at Hemenway Landing yesterday having our picnic lunch when we saw someone looking out in the distance with her binoculars. Hmmmmm…. what did she find? (Click on blog link for other photos.)

I got my camera and went out to see what she was looking at… a pack of Coyotes feeding on a Humpback Whale. Apparently this dead whale had washed up on the shores of Nauset Marsh a few weeks ago and then recently, with the big storm and huge tide, it washed way up on the shore of Nauset Marsh.

Three of the five Coyotes that we saw were feeding on the whale while the other two had finished feeding and were meandering out in the tall grass.

We just happened to be there at the right time. I never would have seen them without some help! Thank you to the lady with the binoculars… what a great sighting!

Sailing Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

I haven’s seen many people trying to sail Nauset Marsh as the waterways are narrow and you definitely need a bit of wind. But yesterday morning we saw this colorful Sunfish sailing right out of Orlean’s Town Cove and all through Nauset Marsh. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

It was pretty cool to watch from the overlook at Fort Hill. #nausetmarsh #forthill #natiuonalseashore

Huge Egret Convention At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

I have never seen so many Egrets all in one place before. There were Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets all hanging out together on Nauset Marsh. They must be getting ready to migrate down south. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

There were over 45 of them by the little tidal pond. Have you ever seen so many Egrets all together? #capecod #birding #nausetmarsh #forthill

Love This Bridge Over The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod.

One of our favorite hikes is the Nauset Marsh Trail by the Visitor’s Center in Eastham. It has so much diversity that there is always something new to see… like the kayaker out in the river!

I love this bridge over the salt marsh. It is such a beautiful view. Have you ever hiked the Nauset Marsh Trail? Does this bridge look familiar?

Golf Course By Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

Did you know that there used to be a golf course near the Eastham Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh? You can see the old cement roller for the greens in the grass by the marsh. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and presumed it had washed away, but it re-appeared a while ago covered in sea grass and barnacles.

The course was created by Quincy Adams Shaw in the 1920s and described by a Boston newspaper as “one of the finest natural layouts in the world.”

“Shaw was a Boston Brahman whose fortune came from Michigan copper mines. The Harvard graduate suffered a nervous breakdown in his 40s and after a long confinement, his doctors recommended he find something to occupy his time. He turned to building a golf course on family land. Using local laborers, a horse and an earth scoop, it took three years and in 1928, Cedar Bank was ready for play.” Cedar Bank was essentially an estate course for family outings and friends.

“The Eastham Historical Society has photographs and maps of the 18-hole design. The course played 6,490 yards to a par 70 and was in operation until the late 1940s. Among the best holes were the 140-yard par-3 11th over the pond. Players had to cross the hazard on a small barge with a rope and pulley. The 310-yard 17th around the inlet was memorable and the green reachable, but the challenge was how much of the marsh could be carried with a driver.”

Its always so much fun to learn about new things where you live and what it used to be like back in the day. I certainly learned  a lot researching this cool golf course!