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Hiking The Forests On Cape Cod!

So many of my friends are so surprised when I tell them that we hike in the forests on Cape Cod and that there are quite a few trails to choose from. They all think that, if you live on Cape Cod, there are only beaches.

This photograph of one of the forests at Nickerson State Park was so simple, yet so pretty. Have you ever hiked on one of the forest trails on Cape Cod?

Old Water Tower At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.

It’s really cool to see this really old water tower on one of trails in Nickerson State Park. There is a fence around it, so you cannot go near it. It is near the back part of Little Cliff Pond and Higgins Pond.

I looked online for some information about it, but couldn’t find any. Does anyone know anything about the water tower? It would be interesting to know its history.

I thought I’d re-post this blog with a new photograph, hoping that someone might know some of its history. Any historians?

Is This A Beaver On Cape Cod?

When we saw this animal swimming in Little Cliff Pond, we definitely thought it was a beaver. And when it put its tail up in the air while it swam, we knew it must be a beaver. Wow! How cool was that?! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

To verify the animal’s identity I asked our good friend, who is also the director of Wild Care Cape Cod, if this was truly a beaver swimming at Nickerson State Park. I’m sure she got quite a good chuckle when she saw our photos.

She replied, “That’s a muskrat! There are no beavers on Cape Cod!” And we thought we had scooped her. She certainly got the last laugh!