Where Trees And Beach Meet At First Encounter Beach In Estham On Cape cod



As we drove out of the parking lot at First Encounter Beach in Estham on Cape Cod, I noticed the silhouette of the leafless trees against the sand dunes. I thought it was so pretty.

A few clicks later, this is what I got. What do you think?

o simple and so pretty…

Eroding Dunes At Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod


I was surprised to see how much the dunes have eroded at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod from the storm last weekend.  There was not a lot of beach left and it wasn’t even high tide.

It is amazing how the shoreline changes with each season, especially with the pounding storms in the winter.

Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod Was Gorgeous After The Snow!


I headed down to Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod for a walk after the snow the other night. The beach was spectacular and still full of snow!

You could see tracks from cross-country skiers, fat bike tire tracks, and foot prints. It’s such a comfort to know that the beach is always a great place for a walk in the winter, especially when it is icy outside.

It doesn’ get much prettier… and you can walk for miles!

Great Blue Heron Fishing In The Snow At Meetinghouse Pond In Orleans On Cape Cod


I looked out of our kitchen window yesterday as it was snowing and down by the water at Meetinghouse Pond in Orleans on Cape Cod was a Great Blue Heron…waiting for lunch! Between the snow and reeds he was somewhat difficult to decipher but being my favorite bird, I just knew it was “Blue.”

I have never seen a Great Blue Heron wading in the marsh by our house, so it was quite a treat.

Not a great photograph as it was snowing and it was through the wet window, but still one of “Blue!” Awesome!

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