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Beautiful Little Wood Satyr Butterfly On Cape Cod!

I hadn’t seen a Little Wood Satyr butterfly in a couple of years and this one was stunning. It  landed on a leaf on the side of the Doane Rock Trail to Coast Guard Beach.

The Little Wood Satyr butterfly lives on woodland edges as well as salt marshes, which explains why we saw it there on that trail.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? I love its markings…

Osprey And Two Chicks On Their Nest On Cape Cod!

It was such a treat to see the Osprey and 2 chicks on their nest yesterday. It looked like the young ones were testing their wings and standing abilities. So cute! (Click on blog link for another photo.)

In the 2nd photograph the parent had just flown in with a fish which the little ones were devouring. So much fun to watch them way up high on their nest!

This was the nest that blew down last winter in the high winds. They sure did a good job rebuilding!

Look Who’s Eating My Flowers On Cape Cod!

Our motion detector kept going off the other night and we could see a deer out in the yard. It wasn’t until the morning when it got light outside that we could see him in my garden… ready and waiting!

Oh No! He ate the tops off of all of my Roses and Zinnias! Guess he had a good meal… and I have a lot less flowers!