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It Was A Glorious Warm Christmas Day On Cape Cod


Christmas Day 2015 on Cape Cod will surely be one to remember. The temperatures on Coast Guard Beach were in the 60s and the beaches were packed with people walking, picnicking, swimming (yes!) and surfing!


What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Day!

Handmade Advent Calendar For My Three Granddaughters



I had to resurrect this photograph of an Advent Calendar that I made for my 3 granddaughters a few years ago.

I had such fun creating and planning all of the little ornaments, each one having its own meaning to the girls. And they look forward to putting their ornaments on the tree day by day during the month of December.

I love it because it is timeless… and a treasure for them to look forward to year after year.

Mery Christmas to you all!


Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog On Cape Cod


Cape Cod is known for its plentiful cranberry bogs. Bogs are an area of soft, marshy ground with acid peat soil, usually near wetlands, where the cranberries grow on long-running vines.

We happend to see this sign for Ocean Spray Cranberries and stopped to take this photograph of the bogs in the background.

Have you ever seen a cranberry bog?