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Great Blue Heron Fishing On The Salt Marsh Trail On Cape Cod

I love that the Great Blue Herons hang around here  in the winter. They must be able to find enough food in the salt marshes and the coves and bay that do not freeze over in the winter.

This Great Blue was fishing in a little pond by the side of Nauset Marsh along the Salt Marsh Trail in Eastham. Looks like he is ready to catch lunch!

My favorite bird! I love it! So beautiful…

Fort Hill Is A Perfect Place To Hike On Cape Cod… Anytime!

Fort Hill is one of my favorite places to hike on Cape Cod. There is always so much to see and each time you go, everything is always different. This is one of the trails that loop around the meadow with Nauset Marsh in the background and Nauset Beach in the far distance.

Pretty spectacular,, don’t you think?

Great Blue Heron High In A Tree At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod

I seem to see so many Great Blue Herons way up high in the trees lately. They perch on the branches and then fly down to the salt marsh feed on the fish.

This Great Blue seems to like this tall 30′ tree on the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham. I have seen him there several times lately.

Cool, don’t you think?

Great Blue Heron Flying Over Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a Great Blue Heron in flight. They are so majestic. There were 6 Great Blues feeding in the tall grass on Nauset Marsh on the island across from Hemenway Landing this past week.

It was quite a ways away, but still beautiful! I clicked away. What do you think?