The Goldfinches Have Found Our New Bird Feeder In Eastham On Cape Cod!


One of our favorite pastimes here on Cape Cod is to go birding. There are so many different species of birds. So, one of the first things we bought for our new home is a bird feeder.

We put it up about 10 days ago, thinking the birds would flock to it. Well, we didn’t see any birds for the first 8 days. Did we put it in the wrong place? Then…there were birds everywhere! They had to wait their turn on the nearby branches to get to the food. It’s been so much fun to watch.

So here is one of my first photographs of 1 male and 2 female Goldfinches on our new feeder. Do you have a bird feeder? They are so much fun!


The Bearberry Are Blooming In Wellfleet On Cape Cod


Bearberry shrubs are starting to bloom here on Cape Cod. Bearberry is a trailing, evergreen shrub. Its flowers are tiny white or pink bells, clustered at the branch ends. Its leaves are glossy,  leathery and paddle-shaped. In the fall these little flowers will turn into little red berries.

Have you ever seen Bearberry? When we lived in Colorado, Bearberry were known as Kinnikinick. Pretty little plants…love the bell-shaped flower. What do you think?


Greater Yellowlegs Courting At Boat Meadows Pond On Cape Cod


There is a little pond at Boat Meadows in Eastham on Cape Cod that seems to have a lot of activity on it. Every time I walk by there, something is going on.


These two Greater Yellowlegs were courting the other evening. The male would chase the female around and around the pond, and then she would fly across the pond and he would follow her. It was pretty exciting to watch!


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