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Hiking At Nickerson State Park In Brewster On Cape Cod.

We love to hike at Nickerson State Park, especially off season. There are so many trails to explore and ponds to view. There is always something new to see. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

We hadn’t taken the Cliff Pond Loop since early last spring when there were still no leaves on the trees. It looks so different now.

Have you ever hiked the Cliff Pond Loop? So pretty!

Surprise On Beech Forest Trail In Provincetown On Cape Cod.

When you think of Provincetown, you think of things that are fun and sometimes funky. We were taking a hike on Beech Forest Trail when we saw this little gnome sitting in the tree. How perfect for Provincetown! Just fun! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

And whoever put it there had a great imagination and picked the perfect tree. Have you seen this little gnome on the trail? Did it bring a smile to your face?