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The Beach Trail At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

If you walk down Coast Guard Beach and go to the backside, you can usually follow a trail back on the marsh side of the dunes, unless the birds are nesting. This is one trail that you could use to get back on the beach.

There is now a huge drop-off of maybe 10+ feet. Wow!

Yesterday Was Stormy At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.

The tide was so high and the waves were cranking at Rock Harbor yesterday morning. You could see that the beach grass had washed all the way up to the middle of the parking lot. Wow!

It’s just so amazing to see waves that big on Cape Cod Bay! You can see the waves crashing on the jetty.

First Encounter Beach Dunes On Cape Cod.

The dunes at First Encounter look like they’ve accumulated quite a bit of sand over the winter. I don’t remember them being this steep. It must have blown in with some of the storms. You can hardly see the fence post sticking out of the sand.

Do they look a little steeper to you too?

Gorgeous Stained-Glass Window At The Eastham Police Station On Cape Cod.

When you drive by the Eastham Police Station on Route 6 during the day, it looks a regular Police Station. But when you drive by at night time, oh my goodness! The gorgeous stained-glass window is just spectacular! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

“The Nauset people, sometimes referred to as the Cape Cod Indians, were a Native American Tribe who lived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. They lived east of Bass River and lands occupied by their closely-related neighbors, the Wampanoag.” You can see how so many places on Cape Cod got their names…. like Nauset Marsh and  Nauset Regional High School.

This beautiful stained-glass window depicts the Native Americans who lived in Eastham before the English settlers arrived.

Just gorgeous, don’t you think? Have you ever seen this at night? It takes your breath away!

Colorado Rockies Or Provincetown On Cape Cod?

We were driving to Provincetown yesterday morning and noticed that there was a pretty heavy coating of snow from Eastham to Provincetown. It was really pretty.

Then when we passed East Harbor the snow-covered dunes looked just like the snow-capped  Colorado Rockies! Wow! Pretty cool, don’t you think?