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Tiny Common Spring Moth On Cape Cod.

I saw a tiny little flurry in the wind and thought perhaps it was a butterfly. I watched it land on one of the flowers of a nearby shrub. It was so tiny… not much bigger than my little fingernail. I got a couple of photos and then it flew away. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

As I was walking down the road I saw a little flurry again and wondered if it was that little butterfly again. And then … it landed on my jeans. I slowly got my camera out and clicked once and then it flew away again.

I had never seen a Common Spring Moth before, have you?



Beautiful Little Copper Butterfly On Cape Cod.

The butterflies are really starting to come back to Cape Cod. I saw this Little Copper butterfly on one of the flowering bushes on the Nauset Marsh Trail and then later on the same day, I saw it in our yard. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

The Little Copper butterfly is  a tiny butterfly with a wingspan of 7/8″ to 1 and 1/8.” It looks so different when its wings are extended or folded up as you can see in the 2 photographs.

Have you seen a Little Copper butterfly this year?

Love The Face On This American Lady Butterfly Here On Cape Cod!

The butterflies were still around here on Cape Cod last week when I saw this American Lady land on one of my Zinnias. Look at that face!

You can see in the 2nd photograph how camouflaged they look when their wings are folded up. We had quite a few of them around this past summer. Have you ever seen an American Lady butterfly?