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Morning Hike On Nauset Trail On Cape Cod.

Yesterday morning was so pretty on  the Nauset Trail by the Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh in Eastham. The forecast was cloudy but we managed to see a few bits of sunshine poke through the clouds.

I thought this photograph was so pretty with the sky so blue. What do you think?

Within a half an hour, there was no sun to be seen.



Much Diversity On The Nauset Marsh Trail On Cape Cod.

Most of the photographs that I post of the Nauset Marsh Trail are of the trail and Nauset Marsh or the Salt Pond. But a good part of the trail takes you through the woods along Nauset Marsh which are so pretty.

I took this photograph of the trail which leads you from the Salt Pond by the visitors center, across a bridge over the marsh and then up a hill, through the woods to a beautiful overlook of Nauset Marsh.

Have you ever hiked the Nauset Marsh Trail? So pretty, don’t you think?


Simply Beautiful On Nauset Marsh Trail On Cape Cod.

I love the Nauset Marsh Trail in Eastham because each and every time I hike it, I see something totally different. Today it was the simplicity of it… the puffy little clouds with the reflection of the trees and huts on the river. It was so quiet… not a soul around.

So pretty, don’t you think?

Raking For Oysters On Oyster Sunday At The Salt Pond On Cape Cod!

It was a gorgeous Sunday to be out in the waters looking for oysters at Nauset Salt Pond in Eastham on Cape Cod. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Yesterday, called “Oyster Sunday,” was the first of 3 Sundays in the fall that people can get a “Oyster” license and search for oysters in designated areas at Nauset Salt Pond and the river leading into it.

Looks like fun! This guy was walking back with his bucket full.

Have you ever participated in Oyster Sundays at the Eastham Salt Pond by the visitors center?

Beautiful Swans At The Salt Pond On Cape Cod.

These two swans were swimming together on the salt pond by the visitors center and looked so beautiful. I loved the close up photograph of them both and then the one farther away where you can see the shoreline and the puffy clouds in the sky. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

So pretty, don’t you think?