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Baby Animal Shower At Wild Care In Eastham On Cape Cod!

Wild Care in Eastham on Cape Cod is a remarkable place in Eastham on Cape Cod. Their mission is:

“To help sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife through Wildlife Rehabilitation; to reduce the number of animals impacted by human activity through Educational Outreach; and to help protect the species and the ecosystems they represent through Advocacy and Conservation.”

Yesterday they had their annual “Baby Shower” for all of the little “wild ones” that they care for. It was so much fun! People brought things from paper towels to food to laundry detergent to gift cards for the center. I took this photograph at 10:30 and it was only the first 1/2 hour. Wow!

This is a photograph of the little Eastern Screech Owl named “Up-Up” that was brought to them in May.  It cannot fly so it will be there permanently and used for Educational Outreach programs in the schools and organizations.

What an adorable little guy, don’t you think?

Yellow Wood Sorrel Wildflower Is Native To Cape Cod

The Yellow Wood Sorrel is another wildflower that I had never seen before. It’s so much fun to learn the new wildflowers on Cape Cod. Most of them are so different from the ones from Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. I saw this one at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Yellow Wood Sorrel is a small 5-petaled 1/2″ flower with 3 heart-shaped leaflets, similar to a Clover. They are common on Cape Cod and native and bloom from May through August.

I loved the little bit or orange around the center. Pretty, don’t you think?



Walking To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

I loved this photograph of the beach fence as you walk down to Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod. I thought the fence with the Wild Roses were so simple yet so pretty.

Coast Guard Beach, on the National Seashore,  was  voted the #6 Best Beach in the USA again this year! It is a gorgeous beach that stretches for miles…

Put it on your Bucket List if you haven’t been there! It’s hard to beat!

Yellow And Orange Scotch Broom Wildflower On Cape Cod

I saw this interesting Scotch Broom wildflower on one of my walks around Eastham on Cape Cod. The Scotch Broom has a really pretty yellow and orange 1″ flower on a plant that is about 3-5 feet.

They bloom in May and June in sandy soil along the coast which is probably why I saw it near the beach.  Have you ever seen a Scotch Broom wildflower?

Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod

This Red-Tailed Hawk was sitting on the branch of one of the trees in our yard here on Cape Cod. It was minding its own business but the other birds would have nothing of him! He was much too close to their nests and young.

So the Robins and Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles and Catbirds all sat on branches near him and yelled at him!  You can see the little Robin right behind him. He was not happy! He had a nest about 20 feet away!