Beautiful Killdeer At One Of The Tidal Ponds On Cape Cod.

I haven’t seen a Killdeer on Cape Cod in a long, long time, so this was such a treat when I saw a bird with a distinct striped neck by the little tidal pond. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

I clicked away and then put it on my iBird PRO Sleuth App and knew it was indeed a Killdeer. And then, when I got home and put it on my computer, I realized that there were two of them!

Have you ever seen a Killdeer?

The Spotted Wintergreen Wildflowers Are Spectacular Here On Cape Cod.

The Spotted Wintergreen wildflowers are blooming and so pretty here on Cape Cod. They are such an interesting wildflower as they face downward while they bud and bloom and then they face up to the sun when they have finished blooming.

They grow in the woods and bloom during July and August, so you still have plenty of time to find them.

Have you ever seen a Spotted Wintergreen wildflower? We have so many in our yard this year!

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