Beautiful Scarlet Tanager In Our Backyard On Cape Cod!

I was working away on my Blog yesterday afternoon when something red caught my eye. I looked out into our backyard and saw this gorgeous Scarlet Tanager sitting on a branch in one of the trees. I have only seen one once before at Bushy Point in Connecticut many years ago and never here on Cape Cod.

I had my camera nearby so I clicked away. He was only here for a few moments and then he flew away.

What a wonderful treat to see in my own backyard! WOW! He’s gorgeous, don’t you think? Another one of those “was there at the right time, with camera nearby” moments!

We’ve been keeping count of how many different species of birds that we’ve seen in our backyard since we moved in a year ago… we’re up to 38 different species!


Beautiful Trail To The Beach On Cape Cod Bay

There are so many different trails to the beaches on Cape Cod. I loved this one at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary which leads you out to Cape Cod Bay.  The clouds in the sky were so pretty.

It looks so peaceful. What do you think?

The Colorful Baltimore Orioles Are Back On Cape Cod!

We’ve had our grape jelly out for a couple of weeks now waiting for the Baltimore Orioles to come back to Cape Cod! And here they are! What a gorgeous bird… orange and black and white. The female is a bit muted in color but still very pretty.

I love how they hang onto the wire just to get a bit of that decadent grape jelly!

Welcome Back! We hope you make another home this spring in our yard!

Lots Of Fiddler Crabs At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod

If you walk out to the beach at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at low tide you can see thousands and thousands of Fiddler Crabs scurrying about the mudflats and into their little holes in the mud. They are everywhere!

You can see the vast mudflats in the second photograph. They seem to go on forever.

Have you ever seen a Fiddler Crab? You can tell the males by their exceptionally large claw which is shaped like a fiddle, thus the name “Fiddler Crab.”

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