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The Oystercatchers Are Back At Morris Island On Cape Cod

When Phil and I headed out a couple of days ago to Morris Island in Chatham, I was hoping to see an Oystercatcher. We had not seen one in about 15 years and they are so beautiful with their long orange beaks which they use to catch and open Oysters!

Looking through our binoculars, we saw 2 Oystercatchers by the water’s edge. They stayed just long enough for us to get  a few good photographs. What a treat! And then they flew away!

I guess we were at the right place at the right moment… wow!

A Seal At Morris Island In Chatham On Cape Cod

Morris Island in Chatham is an awesome hike that leads you all along the beaches facing South Beach with Monomoy Island in the far distance. Phil and I headed out early, with our binoculars, hoping to do some birding.

As we meandered along I saw this thing flapping in the breeze. I had no clue what it was… maybe a discarded paper bag?

As we got closer we could see that it was a seal! It was flubbing along through the beach grass at a very slow rate heading toward the water. All if a sudden it turned and went back up to the tall grasses. I guess it would wait until high tide to get out to the ocean again.

He gave me a nice smile as we walked by. Cute little guy, huh? Actually, he was quite large!


Red-Winged Blackbird In Our Yard On Cape Cod

I’ve never seen a Red-Winged Blackbird at our bird feeder or even in our yard before. So that was pretty cool in itself. We were both so surprised! I’ve only seen them or heard their calls  by the salt marsh and beaches.

This guy has been back for lunch or dinner several times in the past couple of days He waits under the suet feeder for the Woodpeckers to drop some suet on the ground and then he enjoys their leftovers.

What a treat to see a Red-Winged Blackbird in our yard!