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Still Lots Of Ice On Cape Cod Bay

After the rains last weekend, I could finally take a walk to Boat Meadow Beach on Cape Cod Bay and walk a little bit, between the ice chunks, on the beach.

As I looked out on the water, I saw these Seagulls all on top of the ice on Cape Cod Bay. They must have been looking for a place to rest so they picked this big iceberg! It just struck me as  a photo that should have  polar bears, not seagulls!

Paddle Surfing At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod In January

We were so shocked to see someone in the water as we finished a nice walk down Coast Guard Beach. The day was spectacular: sunny, in the 30s, and no wind.

I looked at Phil and said, “Is that someone in the water?” “Yes!” Wow!  And he kept paddling farther out and farther out. He was really far out and the waves were huge. But then he caught an awesome wave and had ” the ride of his life!” Unbelievable!

How cool for the middle of January on Coast Guard Beach?

Rare Pine Siskin At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod

I was so surprised to see this Pine Siskin at our bird bath the other day. I checked with our Bird Checklist for Cape Cod and saw that they are rare but regular in this area at this time and usually hard to find. That was pretty cool. We used to see a lot of them in Colorado, but not here on Cape Cod.

A Pine Siskin is a small finch which has  a brown-streaked body with yellow patches and two white wing-bars on its wings. Its tail also has small yellow patches.

Have you ever seen a Pink Siskin? Pretty little bird…

Tufted Titmouse At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod

This little Tufted Titmouse has been a regular at our feeders and bird bath this winter. It’s been so much much getting some great photographs as they sit there. We have had our share of bird species in our yard. Maybe the cold weather and warm bird bath has enticed them to visit and stay. They love to sit by the bath and relax or get  a drink. Once in a while we might even see a Dove or a Robin dip infor a little bath! Brrrr….

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?