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Nauset Beach Grass In Black And White Or Color Photograph?


We got a little bit of snow here in Orleans on Cape Cod yesterday so I thought I’d go down to Nauset Beach and take some photographs.

There was still a little bit of snow on the dunes so I clicked away.


Do you like the black and white photograph or the color one better? I couldn’t decide.

They both give such a different feeling…

Black And White Photograph Of Where The Sky Meets The Water At Boat Meadows On Cape Cod


I loved this black and white photograph of where the ominous sky meets  the beach at Boat Meadows in Eastham on Cape Cod.

Boat Meadows is the perfect photo-op on Cape Cod for just about anything from landscape to sunsets. The background is just spectacular.

What do you think?


Milkweed Seeds On Cape Cod In Black And White Photography

Every time I walk home from downtown, I pass these Milkweed plants. I love how, in the fall, the pods open and the white fluff starts oozing out filled with black seeds ready for the wind to whisk them away!

Pretty, don’t you think?