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Eastham Historical Society And Original Schoolhouse On Cape Cod

I f you’ve never been to the Eastham Historical Society by the Salt Pond Visitor’s Center on Cape Cod, put it on your list. You can get a tour of the museum and tons of artifacts from old Eastham. It is fascinating.

And…the original schoolhouse adjoins the building so you can get a first hand look at what a typical classroom looked like way back when and even sit in one of the desks. It is really cool, especially for kids.

They have field trips that go there and the students can dress up in period dress, just like the kids who went to school there. What an awakening it is to them!

Red-Tailed Hawk Catching Lunch In Our Yard!

We were in the yard yesterday when we heard some screeching. We both looked up and there were 2 Red-tailed hawks on a branch in the tall tree. One was keeping guard while the other one was killing her prey. We could hear the baby hawk nearby crying for food.


While the one on the left stood guard, the one with the prey put its wings all around it while she killed it. You can see it in the photograph. It was quite a sight. I have never seen anything quite like this before.

She then ate her share and then the hawk on the left finished it off. I guess it’s all part of the food chain…

Common Box Turtle In Our Yard On Cape Cod

We looked out the window the other morning and caught a bit of movement in the yard. But it blended in so well to the background of wood chips. And there was a Common Box Turtle sauntering across our yard, headed for the woods across the way.

A Common Box Turtle is a little more than 5″ with a high-domed shell. It is dark brown with intricate, variable orange and yellow patterns. It loves to live in the woods and meadows.

Our neighbors have talked about Box Turtles in our neighborhood, so they will be so excited to see this new one!

Beautiful coloring, don’t you think?