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Baltimore Oriole’s Nest Way Up In A Tree In Our Yard On Cape Cod

There is a Baltimore Oriole’s nest way up in the tree in our yard here on Cape Cod. Baltimore Orioles build their hanging nests by weaving things togethe, like horse hair.


You can see the nest up close in the first photograph. In the second photograph you can see how high up the nest is. It is right in the middle of the picture above the dead branches.

Can you see it?

Beautiful Snowy Egrets On Pond By Cape Cod Bay

There were 2 Snowy Egrets in the little pond near Boat Meadow on Cape Cod Bay. They were meandering about, looking for food.

I hadn’t seen a Snowy Egret in years and I was so surprised to see his bright yellow feet. I had forgotten how spectacular his feet were!


Snowy Egrets are tall birds of about 24″ and belong to the Heron family. They are all white with long black legs and yellow feet. They have a slender black bill with lores that are yellow.

Have you ever seen a Snowy Egret? Such a beautiful bird!

Greater Scaup At Boat Meadow And Herring Cove On Cape Cod

I saw this lonely Greater Scaup at Boat Meadow the other day. It was swimming and diving all alone. I had never seen one before so I clicked a few photographs to try to identify it.

And then when I was at Herring Cove in Provincetown I saw a flock of about 15-20 of them out in the water.

Greater Scaup about 18″ with the male having a gray back and sides of white with a dark green head. Females are a dark brown with a distinct white face.

Have you ever sen a Greater Scaup?

A Welcoming Pilgrim in Provincetown On Cape Cod


As you drive into Provincetown on Cape Cod, you are greeted by a pilgrim who rings his bell and welcomes everyone in sight. It’s really pretty cool.

Phil and I had met this Pilgrim last fall at one of the joint Chamber of Commerce get-togethers so it was fun to see him and chat with him again.

He loves posing for photographs in his quaint, historic town on Cape Cod.

Pretty Little Blue Forget-Me-Not Wildflowers In Provincetown on Cape Cod

These pretty little light blue Forget-Me-Not wildflowers caught my eye when we were walking around Provincetown. They are such a small and delicate wildflower with a golden “eye.” They grow to about 15.”

I had seen many of them out in Colorado but had not seen any here on Cape Cod, so it was a big treat to see the Forget-Me-Nots again!