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Hiking Wiley Park On Cape Cod After The Blizzard

We had to pick and choose our trails at Wiley Park this week with all of the downed trees. Many of them were blocking the trail. The winds were in excess of 65mph and many of the huge old Eastern White Pine trees fell.

Phil took this photograph of me hiking on one of the trails that we could maneuver at Wiley Park. The snow was so pretty…


Little Mouse On The Trail At Wiley Park On Cape Cod

I heard a little rustle in the leaves at Wiley Park and saw this little mouse scurry up the tree and out onto a branch. This is the first mouse I have seen there. I’ve heard rustling in the leaves many times but always thought it must be a bird. Maybe it was a mouse?

So, I took some photographs up on the branch and then in the leaves below and came home to research what kind of mouse it was. I presumed it was a “Field Mouse.” Well, there are so many different types of mice, I have no idea what kind it is.

Can anyone identify this little guy? Cute, isn’t he?

Wiley Park In Eastham On Cape Cod After A Light Snow

Wiley Park in Eastham is such a pretty place to take a hike… any time of the year. We were there a few days ago after we had gotten about 6″ of light, fluffy snow.

And then… the storm hit and we ended up with about 18-20″. Unbelievable! It was way over our knees just walking around our yard.

Such a pretty photograph with the white snow-covered trees and the blue sky. What do you think?