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The Blue Boxes Are Back On The Salt Marshes On Cape Cod

The “Blue Boxes” have been put on the salt marshes her on Cape Cod to attract those nasty Green Flies and mosquitoes. There’s something inside of the boxes that attracts the insects and then they get stuck inside.

It Is quite amazing how they work. We live very close to the salt marsh  and the beach on Cape Cod Bay and rarely see a Green Fly or a mosquito.

You can see how they put them along the sides of the marsh near the edge where people live.

Lots Of Bricks On Boat Meadow Beach After The Storm On Cape Cod Bay

There were quite a few bricks on Boat Meadow Beach when I went for a walk there the other day. I wondered  how they got on the beach. Had they been buried under the sand and  been uncovered from the series of storms that we’ve had over the winter?

The interesting part was that there two squares of bricks and they looked like they were stuck together with cement.

It would be fun to write a story on where they came from… a home that used to be there?  I thought of Billingsgate Island on Cape Cod Bay that used to have many houses and a lighthouse on it, only to be covered with water years ago. You can only see it at low tide now.

The Flats At Boat Meadow At Low Tide On Cape Cod Bay

I love Cape Cod Bay at low tide! It is so much fun to walk way out on the flats when you know that, in another few hours, they will be covered by water. Sometimes I even plan my walks so I can get there at low tide.

I thought this was a really pretty photograph where you can see the flats and where the water recedes at low tide.

What do you think?