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Chatham Beach Shack On Cape Cod

If you park at Chatham Light on Cape Cod and walk down the steps to the beach and then along the beach, there is a little shack in the high grass. It looks like it has been there for years.

We wondered how it got there? And what it is for? Does someone own it?

Does anyone know anything about this little shack? Someone obviously takes care of it! It would be fun to know a little about it…

Beautiful Day At Chatham Harbor On Cape Cod

There were still a lot of boats in Chatham Harbor a few weeks ago. The sky and the clouds were spectacular for a photo op.

There are many turn-offs from the main road where you can get some pretty good photographs. I took this one off of Route 28 on the way into Chatham. It was such a beautiful day.

Pretty clouds, don’t you think?

Seal And Seagull Fighting For Fish At Chatham Fish Pier On Cape Cod

It was pretty cool to see this sea and seagull fighting for the fish that the fishermen had just thrown overboard at the Fish Pier In Chatham. They both came at the same time and were determined to get that fish!

I wonder who won? It almost looks like the seagull is taking it right out of the seal’s mouth! It was a lot of fun to watch…