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Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod At Dead Low Tide

You can see why the boats can enter and exit Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod only before or after  high tide. Otherwise, they could get stuck in Cape Cod Bay or in the harbor for many hours waiting for the tide to change.

You can see the “buoy trees” which mark the channel into the harbor sitting on top of the sand. It is dead low tide. No boats will be going in for quite a while.

And at low tide, you can walk out it seems for mile. Have you ever been to Cape Cod Bay at low tide?

Gorgeous Clouds At Boat Meadow In Eastham On Cape Cod Bay

It’s been so warm lately I seem to be taking a walk after dinner… and I usually end up at Boat Meadow on Cape Cod Bay. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be. It’s always so gorgeous!  Each time is unique unto itself with high tide or low tide or changing tide, sunny or cloudy, windy or calm, etc.

This evening was just gorgeous as the tides were going out and the clouds in the sky were spectacular!

Spectacular Sunset At First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod Bay On Cape Cod

I was driving home from a presentation on the Blizzard of 1978 at the Eastham Historical Society when I saw that the sunset was going to be special. I took a right and went to First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod Bay. The parking lot was packed.

I wondered if there was a concert on the beach or some other activity going on. I got one of the last parking spots. Only when I got out of my car and walked down to the beach did I realize that everyone there came to see the spectacular sunset! People were sitting on the beach, swimming and just hanging out waiting for that sun to dip below the horizon.

Pretty, don’t you think?

The Summertime Eastham Banners Are Up On Cape Cod


When you see the summertime banners in Eastham on Cape Cod, you know there are a lot of surfing beaches nearby. It is so cool!

You can surf at Coast Guard Beach or Nauset Light Beach and just go and enjoy a lazy day at many of the bayside beaches. There is so much to do and so many places to go.

Loving Cape Cod…