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Interesting Red Dragonfly On The Trail On Cape Cod.


There seem to be a lot of dragonflies flying about this time of year. We’ve seen so many of them on the trails. I saw this red one on the Buttonbush Trail by the Visitor Center in Eastham down by the swamp.

Does anyone know what kind of dragonfly this is? I need to find a good book on dragonflies!

Look at his face! How cute!


Blue Dasher Dragonflies Mating On The Boardwalk On Cape Cod.


I saw this blue dragonfly, which I thought was a Northern Bluet dragonfly, on a branch by the boardwalk at Fort Hill. It looked so pretty, I clicked away.

When I got home I noticed there as another dragonfly attached to it on the underside. Hmmm… Does anyone know why? Are they mating? I did some research but couldn’t find any answers.

Update: It is Blue Dasher Dragonfly and yes, they are mating. Thank You!!

Common Baskettail Dragonfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


“The Common Baskettail is a medium-sized, dull brown dragonfly with a series of yellow-orange lateral spots on its stout abdomen. Many individuals have a large brown triangular spot at the base of each hindwing; however, the wings may be clear.”

I saw this Common Baskettail Dragon on one of the trails at Fort Hill in Eastham. I had never photographed one before. I love his little face.

What do you think?