Diamondback Terrapin Swimming In Boat Meadow Creek On Cape Cod!


I was on my way home from a walk to Rock Harbor when I stopped at the bridge over the salt marsh. Looking over I saw a terrapin swimming nearby.  By the time I got my camera out, it had dived under the water. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I ran to the other side of the bridge to see if it might come out on that side and there was another  terrapin swimming in the creek. I clicked away, not knowing what kind of terrapin it was. And then he looked up at me. How cute is that?

In doing some research, I found that it was a Diamondback Terrapin, which is an endangered species. Each year in June and July, these female terrapins come on land and lay their eggs in sandy patches above the high tide line. I wonder if she was on her way looking for a place to lay her eggs?

I also learned that a terrapin is one of several species of turtle living in fresh or brackish water.

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