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John’s Foot Long In Provincetown On Cape Cod.

John’s Foot Long  has “the freshest seafood, foot long hot dogs, and homemade soups. A favorite spot for visitors and residents! Take out or eat in on our porch with outdoor seating.”

Such an fun place in downtown P’town! Did you know that the Grab Brothers Band have a song about John’s Foot Longs called “Where’s the Relish?” Pretty cool…


The Cormorants Were Loving This Boat On Cape Cod.

What a sight to see all of these Cormorants enjoying their time on this Sunfish which was waiting to be taken out for the season. There was even a Cormorant standing on the mooring and more of them just swimming around anxious for that precious space to open up.

All I could think of was that I hope whoever owns this boat brought a big brush to clean it off. Or maybe just flip it over! The Cormorants were loving it!