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Beautiful Brown Thrasher In our Yard On Cape Cod.

We hadn’t seen a Brown Thrasher in our yard for quite some time, so it was a big treat when this guy showed up the other day. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

Look at those gorgeous yellow eyes!

I loved this last photo as he was foraging the leaves and wood chips with his curved bill looking for food. Have you ever seen a Brown Thrasher?

High Tide And Low Tide On Cape Cod Bay.

It makes such a difference if you take a photograph at high tide or low tide on Cape Cod Bay. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I took this first photograph at low tide at Boat Meadow Beach. You can see all the green sea grass that comes out at low tide as well as the huge sand bars with the boats sitting on top of the sand.

I took the 2nd photograph the following day at high tide. Such a  completely different feeling, don’t you think?