Colorful Scotch Broom Wildflowers On Cape Cod.


The bright yellow color with a hint of orange of the Scotch Broom caught my eye the other day as I was walking to the beach.

The Scotch Broom is a stiffly branched shrub with 1″ yellow pea-shaped flowers near the end of the branches. The plant grows 3-5 feet and the flowers bloom in May and June in sandy soil.

Have you ever seen a Scotch Broom? Pretty flower, don’t you think?

Colorful Ruddy Turnstone At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.


If you haven’t been to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at low tide, put it on your list. You can walk all the way out to the beach and you never know what you  will see and you’re never disappointed!

I saw this Ruddy Turnstone, and many more, the other day. There were so many on the outer beach scurrying about, it was hard to count.

I love his very distinctive coloring. What do you think?

Stunning White Star Chickweed Wildflowers On Cape Cod!


If you want to see gorgeous Starwort Chickweed wildflowers, go to Fort Hill in Eastham. They are everywhere along the side of the trails in the meadows. The Star Chickweed wildflower is just magnificent, but it is so small that you might miss it or its pretty colors. As they start to go by, the pinks and golds turn dark.

So delicate and pretty, don’t you think?

The Piping Plovers Are Nesting on Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we took a walk down Coast Guard Beach. It was glorious… one of the Top 10 days!

We got part way down the beach and there were some new signs that said, “Nesting Nervous Birds” and  “Area Closed.” We were surprised as the area was not closed a few days ago. We stopped and looked around getting ready to turn back.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Piping Plover in the distance. Something else was scurrying  by the water. My camera has an awesome zoom so I was able to take a few photographs of the family of Piping Plovers from afar.

I had never seen a Piping Plover chick before. They were so cute and so tiny. What an experience…

Adorable White-Tailed Deer And Her Little Fawn On Cape Cod!


Phil and I were taking a new hike for us on the John Wing Trail in Brewster, which is on the grounds of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History,  when we saw this mamma deer and her new little fawn. It sure didn’t look very old.

I’m not sure who surprised who more as they were right on the trail. We stood there and clicked away while they checked us out as well.

So cute, don’t you think?


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