Fort Hill Trails On Cape Cod Are Just Gorgeous!

The Wild Roses are blooming all along the trails at Fort Hill. I loved this photograph of the trail overlooking Nauset Marsh with the tall cattails waving in the breeze and the pretty pink roses.

What do you think?

Pretty, Little White Lesser Stitchwort Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The Lesser Stitchwort wildflowers are blooming and just gorgeous. I saw them the other day along the trails at Fort Hill. They have pretty star-like flowers which are tiny, only 15-18mm across. It’s very hard to miss them, if you are not looking.

So pretty, don’t you think? I love the pink anthers!


Baby Bluebirds On Cape Cod Are Still In Their Birdhouse!

I was so surprised to see that the baby Bluebirds and their parents still spend a good deal of time in their birdhouse. I always thought that, once they have fledged, they are gone from the birdhouse. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I’ve seen them fly in and out at all times of the day. I loved this photograph of this little one looking out the door. He just looks way too big to still be in there. How on earth do they all fit in that little birdhouse? There are 3 babies, who are as big as their parents, and 2 parents!

Love The Trees On Beech Forest Trail In Provincetown On Cape Cod.

There are some really cool trees on the Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown.  In Colorado, we used to call them “snow knees” as the snow would come down the mountain and cause many of the trees to bend from the weight and ice. Many ended up just growing this way.

I’m sure these “snow knees” are not caused from snow and ice, but they are pretty cool, nonetheless!

Have you ever seen these trees on the trail?

Watching The Osprey Build A Nest On Cape Cod.

It was such a treat when we started to see some big branches way up on top of the electric pole near where we live by the beach. We had seen the Osprey bringing branches up there  when they started to build it a few seeks ago. It took them a good week plus more to finish and “move in.” (Click on blog link for other photos.)

And now when I ride by early in the morning, the female is sitting up on the nest while the male is perched on the dead tree branch nearby.

We watch him fly out over the water and bring back fish to the nest during the day. It’s been so much fun to watch. I can’t wait until the eggs hatch and we can watch the little ones!

What a wonderful experience!

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