The Osprey Are Back On Cape Cod!


As I was taking a walk to the beach  a couple of days ago, I heard that familiar sound that reminds me so much of summer… the sound of the Osprey calling. I looked up and there it was, flying right over me. I only got one photograph and this is it!

We are so lucky that  there is an Osprey’s nest right on the salt marsh which is very close to our home. When I walked by yesterday, I could see one Osprey perched on the post by the nest. How exciting! It is so much fun to watch the babies grow and learn to fly!



Windblown Sand Dunes At First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod… Two Perspectives!


I  loved this simple photograph of the windblown dune at First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Most of the footprints have been blown away. I took several photos of this dune. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

I couldn’t decide if I liked the 1st one or the 2nd one better. The 2nd one tells a much different story as you can see the windblown tree  and bushes with branches only on one side and the dramatic clouds in the sky.

Which one do you like better?


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