Cute Little Sanderlings Flitting About On Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod.

It was a gorgeous day to take a walk on Nauset Light Beach and so windy! I walked down the beach toward Marconi and then just decided to sit in the sand and just enjoy the moment… or two…or three… (Click on blog link for other photographs.)

And then I saw these little Sanderlings scurrying along the beach right in front of me. I got my camera out and clicked away. I have not seen any Sanderlings all summer, so this was a big treat.

Such a cute little bird, don’t you think? Keep a lookout on the beaches as they often with spend the winter here.

Summer’s Almost Over On Cape Cod!

There is such a distinct feeling from Labor Day to the day after Labor Day here on Cape Cod. It’s quiet. I went for an early morning bike ride and there was no one else on the road. The week before there were plenty of visitors out biking with me!

The little shack that checks Beach Passes at First Encounter Beach was empty. I love this photograph with the pretty sky and clouds and the sand blown road with no one in the parking lot.

What do you think?

The Shadows Are Getting Longer On Cape Cod!

As I was biking at First Encounter Beach the other morning, this particular dune looked so pretty with the light clouds in the background. I got my iPhone out and clicked… and then got a good laugh! The only thing I could see was my loooong shadow going right up the dune.

Too funny…


Gorgeous Day At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod.

It was a “picture perfect-10” day at Nauset Light Beach. The skies were sunny with a few clouds, the temps were warm but not hot and the winds were breezy and beautiful. It was a perfect day to go for a walk on the beach.

It doesn’t get much prettier… and not a soul around!

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