Young Cooper’s Hawk On Our Deck On Cape Cod.

When I looked out the window, this juvenile Cooper’s Hawk was looking in at me. It took me by surprise! He looked around, hopped up on the bench, looked around some more and then flew off.

You could tell that he was a young hawk because he kept ruffling his feathers like he was waiting for mom to feed him.

So adorable, don’t you think? What a beautiful bird!


The CG36500 Is Docked At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.

The CG36500 is the famous Coast Guard boat that was depicted in the Disney movie, The Finest Hours, because of its incredible rescue of 32 crewmen from a sinking ship off of the coast of Cape Cod in 1952.

During the summer you can go on board and see where those 32 crewmen survived. It is worth the trip just to see the boat. If you haven’t watched the movie, put that on your list too! It’s truly amazing!

Coast Guard Beach In North Truro On Cape Cod!

I never knew there was a Coast Guard Beach in North Truro until I posted a blog about Coast Guard Beach a few days ago and I got a response from someone who lives in North Truro asking if this was the North Truro Coast Guard Beach. Hmmm…..

I quickly got on google and found that there was indeed a Coast Guard Beach in North Truro. Wow! I never would have known.

I was on my way up to Provincetown so, on the way home, I stopped and took a few photographs of this Coast Guard Beach. So pretty, don’t you think?

Thank you for the enlightening! And… your email made my day!


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