Be Aware Of Coyotes Here On Cape Cod!

I was taking a walk a couple of days ago when I saw this coyote cross Bridge Road in Eastham. It started following this man who was walking his dog on one of the side streets. The wind was howling so I couldn’t yell loud enough for him to hear me but it totally unnerved me. It seemed to be following them. I sure hope their house was nearby or the coyote gave up following them.

I’ve seen many coyotes around here, even in my yard, early in the morning or around dusk, but this coyote was out and about at 8:00 in the morning which seemed a bit late.

I had read about a man and his dog being cornered by some coyotes very early in the morning at Wiley Park a couple of weeks ago. So, when I got home I ordered a whistle that I will put in my pocket whenever I go for a walk, whether on the streets around my home or on one of the nearby trails. It was just way too close for comfort…

Bright Orange Jewelweed Wildflowers Are Still Blooming On Cape Cod.

These little, bright orange Jewelweed wildflowers are tubular spotted flowers that dangle like pendants from a branch. (Click on blog link for 2nd photograph.)

Their flowers are only 1″ and bloom in shady  areas from July through September, so you don’t have much more time to see them. I saw these on the trails at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

High Winds And Big Waves At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was incredibly windy here on Cape Cod. It was the kind of day when you take a walk down to the beach but you don’t want to stay too long as the sand is blowing right in your face. I took this photo at Nauset Light Beach in the morning.

So pretty with the waves, don’t you think?


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