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Great Blue Heron Waiting For Lunch On Cape Cod.


This Great Blue Heron was patiently standing on the log at Goose Pond at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, waiting for his next meal. (Click on Blog link if you can’t get the entire photograph.)

I loved the reflections of  the Great Blue Heron, the driftwood, and the reeds on the water. The water looks almost mystical…

What do you think?



Yellow Charlock Mustard Wildflowers Growing On The Roadsides On Cape Cod.


It’s been such a  treat to see so many wildflowers growing by the side of the roads here on Cape Cod. I took a  walk to Boat Meadow Beach the other day and saw 2 different yellow wildflowers. They looked very similar, until you got up close.

This Charlock Mustard Wildflower is a delicate wildflower with 4 yellow petals. It grows 1-3 feet high from May to September.

Pretty, don’t you think?