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Black And White Buffleheads At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.


I love to see the Buffleheads swimming about in the winter here on Cape Cod. They are so distinct with their black and white coloring. I’ve seen many of them at Boat Meadow Creek and at Rock Harbor. They are pretty skittish if they see you or hear you, so it is easier to take a photograph at Rock Harbor where they are further away and there’s some noise about.

This male was flapping his wings as the 2 females swam nearby. There is such a difference between the males and females.

Have you ever seen a Bufflehead? Cool-looking, don’t you think?

Picture Perfect Day At Fort Hill Overlook On Cape Cod!


It was a gorgeous day for a nice hike at Fort Hill. It was sunny with temps in the 40s but little wind. We had just hiked up to the overlook when this seagull looked as if it was posing on the map of the National Seashore with Nauset Marsh and then Coast Guard Station way in the background.

Beautiful, don’t you think?

Song Sparrow Welcomes Spring On Cape Cod!


This Song Sparrow was singing away high up in the tree as if he is welcoming spring and the warmer weather, hopefully to come soon. 🙂

We’ve had several Song Sparrows at our feeders the past few weeks. It is such a joy to wake up to their beautiful song outside our bedroom window.

Have you heard the Song Sparrow yet this spring?