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Make Your Own Trails On The AllTrails App On Cape Cod Or Anywhere.


We’ve had so much fun with the AllTrails App. At first we followed many of the trails in our area and then we decided to try and make some of our own.  (Click on blog for full photo.)

On the AllTrails App you can record a hike, name it, describe it, add photos and  rate it. It has really been a lot of fun and very exciting! This hike we recorded at Nickerson State Park and named it Two Pond Roundabout. You can see at the bottom the distance, elevation gain and time.

This photograph was one of the little ponds we saw on our adventure. Such pretty reflections.

Cliff Pond In Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod Was Spectacular!


We hiked out around Cliff Pond the other day and the views were unbelievable. If you stood one way, you got the first photograph. If you turned around, you got the 2nd one. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

Both are pretty spectacular, don’t you think? Great place to take photographs!

Yellow-Rumped Warbler At Our Feeder On Cape Cod.


I saw a splash of bright yellow at our feeder and quickly got my camera. I have learned that it is better to get my camera first and get my binoculars second, as the bird might fly away quickly. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

There, at my feeder, was a beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler. I have never seen one this time of the year. But I looked in my Sibley’s and learned that they sometimes winter in this area. According to my Cape Cod Checklist, they are uncommon this time of year and seen only in small numbers. I guess I was lucky.

What a treat! Have you ever seen a Yellow-rumped Warbler this time of year? What a beautiful little bird!


The Forest Is Still So Green In The Middle Of Winter Here On Cape Cod.


It’s amazing to see how green the forests are here on Cape Cod  in the middle of winter. The Bearberry leaves, which  you can see in the first photograph, still provide much green ground cover. (Click blog link to see other photo.)

I just did a bit of research and found that Bearberries will lose their leaves but not until mid-winter or later. I’ll have to take a similar photograph in a month or so and compare them.

You can also see all the new undergrowth of pine trees on the sides of the trails. So far this winter, our forest hikes have been pretty colorful!