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Great Blue Heron Flying Over Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod


Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a Great Blue Heron in flight. They are so majestic. There were 6 Great Blues feeding in the tall grass on Nauset Marsh on the island across from Hemenway Landing this past week.

It was quite a ways away, but still beautiful! I clicked away. What do you think?

The Honeysuckle Is Still Blooming At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


There is still a lot of Honeysuckle blooming at FortHill. It has been such a warm fall heron Cape Cod. I walked home from the beach the other day and counted 7 different species of wildflowers that were still blooming. Amazing for the end of October!

Such a pretty wildflower…

Beautiful Whimbrel At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary


We saw this beautiful Whimbrel at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary a few weeks ago. It was out on the sand by the marsh grass.

The Whimbrel is a fairly large wader of the Curlew family. It gets its English name because it is imitative of the bird’s call.

We had never seen one there before, so this was a big treat! Look at that bill. It is huge!

Clouded Sulfur Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


There are still quite a few butterflies flying around here on Cape Cod. I saw this Clouded Sulfur butterfly at Fort Hill, feeding on a Knapweed wildflower. I also saw many  Cabbage White butterflies, some Painted Lady butterflies and one Monarch butterfly. I thought the Monarchs had migrated down to Mexico a few weeks ago.

It must be the warm weather and that the wildflowers are still blooming that is keeping them all around.