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Hikes For Everyone At Fort Hill On Cape Cod!

Fort Hill is one of our favorite places to take a hike. You can hike short, long, sunny, shady… just about anything on the trail. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Here are a couple of photographs of a sunny and shady trail. Both are  just spectacular! Have  you ever hiked at Fort Hill? #eastham

Northern Bobwhite At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

I’ve been looking for the Northern Bobwhite at Fort Hill all summer. I’ve heard his call of “Bob-white, bob-white,” but I haven’t been able to find him.

And then we drove up the road one morning last week and there he was… walking down the road. I was able to get a couple of photographs before he ran into the high grass.

Have you seen the Bobwhite at Fort Hill this summer? #eastham #forthill

Pretty Pink Water-Willows Are Blooming On Cape Cod.

The unique Water-Willow is an 3-9 foot aquatic shrub with 1/2 to 1 inch magenta flowers that blooms in July and August. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I’ve seen them growing in the shallow waters on the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill, the Silver Spring Trail at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellfleet  or at Wiley Park by the bridge. It is really cool to see how they grow in clusters along the main stem.

Have you seen any Water-Willows this summer? #eastham #wellfleet