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Common Eider On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


As Phil and I were taking a walk down Coast Guard Beach a couple of weeks ago when the temps were in the lower 70s, we saw something lying on the sand. Hmmm….

As we got closer I could see that it was a Common Eider just relaxing in the sun and not bothered by anyone. We clicked away. After a little while, he got up and sauntered back down to the water.

A Common Eider has a white back and black undersides with a black crown. They have a very distinctive bill, as you can see. I’d only seen them a couple of times last year in the water, so this was a big treat!

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?

Reflection On A Kettle Pond On Cape Cod


This was such a pretty fall  reflection on one of the the thousands of “kettle ponds” here on Cape Cod. These kettle ponds were formed from the glaciers thousands of years ago.

“Scientists find kettle ponds endlessly fascinating. There is no end of books that explain how, 13,000 or 15,000 years ago, huge blocks of ice left over after the glacier retreated began melting, leaving holes known as kettles that ultimately filled with water.”

As you drive around Cape Cod you can see these ponds, large and small, dotting the landscape wherever you look. They are pretty cool.

Feeding Frenzy Off Of Nauset Spit On Cape Cod


There were so many birds flying over the water and then diving in off of Nauset Spit the other day. The fish must have been very plentiful right there. It looks like there were many different species of birds enjoying their feast!

This photograph only captures a small percentage of the birds diving and feeding there. Have you ever seen anything like this?

The 14th Annual Eastham Turnip Festival On Cape Cod Was A Huge Success!


Yesterday was  Eastham’s 14th Annual Turnip Festival which was a huge success. What a blast! There were hundreds of people there, enjoying everything there was to do from festival vendors selling everything you can think of,  live entertainment, activities and crafts for the kids, a Turnip Cook-Off, and the annual Turnip Shuck-Off. It was a real treat when Suzanne and Scotty from The Dunes Radio asked Phil and me to time the Shuck-Off contest. What a hoot!

In the cafeteria there was a Turnip Cook-Off provided by many of the area restaurants where you could sample a variety of turnip creations from Turnip Bisque, Turnip Popovers, Turnip Slaw, Turnip Bread, Turnip Baklava, Turnip Cannolis and much, much more. Everything was delicious! Jim Russo, Executive Director of the Eastham Chamber, was helping out behind the counter.

The Turnip Festival,  presented by the Eastham Library, was so much fun.  If you didn’t make it there this year, put it on your calendar for next year, but make sure you get there early! What a great event for the whole family!


Three Ponds Hike in Orleans On Cape Cod


We’ve had some gorgeous days for fall hiking here on Cape Cod. This Three Ponds hike is really pretty as it takes you along the lake’s edges and through the woods. It is a perfect hike for the whole family!

Phil took this photograph as I was enjoying the beautiful fall day along the trail, lost in my own thoughts…