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Empty Kayak And Canoe Racks After A Fun Boating Season On Cape Cod.

The kayak and canoe racks at Hemenway Landing in Eastham are empty and ready to be put away for the winter. Their number has certainly has grown since the original two were installed a few years ago.

It is wonderful that so many places on Cape Cod offer these racks for boaters to store their kayak or canoe for the summer so that people can really enjoy the Cape Cod waters.

Chatham Pier Fish Market On Cape Cod.

Chatham Pier Fish Market boasts the “best view on town.”

“While you eat, watch our fisherman unload the day’s catch at on-site picnic tables with waterfront views. (There’s no better way to enjoy that lobster roll, we promise). Boats arrive daily from 10am to 4pm!”

Chatham Pier Fish Market is closed for the season but still such a cool place to visit and watch the fishing boats unload their fish all year round. I love the little “fish steps” into the market…

Gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk Way Up High At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a hike at Fort Hill. The skies were sunny and the temperature was almost 50 degrees. (Click on blog link for other photo that shows him way high up!)

As we were heading back to the parking lot from our hike, I spotted a Red-Tailed Hawk way up high on the telephone pole. Wow! He was way up there! We stopped and clicked away while he stayed there for quite a while. Beautiful bird, don’t you think?