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Spectacular Clouds Over Fort Hill Yesterday Morning On Cape Cod.

The clouds were absolutely gorgeous at Fort Hill yesterday morning. You could see the sun trying to break through between little bouts of rain as it reflected on the ocean way in the background.

It only lastly for a few minutes… and then it was gone.


Pretty Purple Spiderwort Wildflowers In Provincetown On Cape Cod.

We were driving to the Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown when I saw these purple Spiderwort wildflowers growing by the side of the parking lot. They were so pretty. I had never seen them there before.

“Its colorful, three-petal flowers first emerge in early spring, and range in color from deep blue to bright pink, and less commonly, white. The blooms survive just a single day, opening in the early morning but fading by the heat of the afternoon.” However, they have a long growing season stretching into the summer months.

Have you ever seen a Spiderwort? This was another first for me!


How Much Jelly Can A Robin Eat On Cape Cod?

We always put our jelly feeder with grape jelly out for the Baltimore Orioles and Catbirds this time of the year. But the past few days we have had this one Robin who has been eating nonstop, and the other birds were having a hard time getting their share. (Click on blog link forĀ  other photos. )

So Phil decided that we were going to declare “War on the Robins” and only put out a little bit of jelly in our smaller feeder. Then maybe everyone would get their fair share and the Robin wouldn’t be so piggy. I never knew that Robins would even eat jelly.

And then he looked up in the tree and there was this little baby Robin looking down at him waiting for mom to bring him some jelly. Well, that was the end of that war and the big feeder full of jelly is back out and they can eat what they want.

Such a cute little thing!