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Fort Hill On Cape Cod Is Awesome Any Time Of The Year!


Fort Hill, part of the National Seashore,  is a wonderful place to go… any time of the year. You can hike or walk or sit on the bench and enjoy those spectacular views of Nauset Marsh.

You can take a walk on the boardwalk across Red Maple Swamp down to Hemenway Landing and see the boats going in or out.

Fort Hill is always a special place… any time of the year.


Update On The Hermit Thrush At Our Home On Cape Cod.


I posted a blog about this Hermit Thrush that I saw in our yard a couple of weeks ago. Well, it kept hanging out in our backyard and was trying desperately to get the mealworms from the Bluebird feeder. I tried raising the cover of the Bluebird feeder, but it was still too big to  get at them.

I remembered a glass jelly feeder that we had for the Baltimore Orioles that I thought might be just perfect. I filled it with mealworms and have had a faithful visitor every day since then.

It’s so much fun to see him every day, many times a day,  and know that he really likes our yard… and our food!

(Did you see the”surprise” bird in the tree in the background? It showed up just as I was taking the photograph. It looks like a Song Sparrow.)

Make Your Own Trails On The AllTrails App On Cape Cod Or Anywhere.


We’ve had so much fun with the AllTrails App. At first we followed many of the trails in our area and then we decided to try and make some of our own.  (Click on blog for full photo.)

On the AllTrails App you can record a hike, name it, describe it, add photos and  rate it. It has really been a lot of fun and very exciting! This hike we recorded at Nickerson State Park and named it Two Pond Roundabout. You can see at the bottom the distance, elevation gain and time.

This photograph was one of the little ponds we saw on our adventure. Such pretty reflections.