Bluebirds Enjoying A Bath In Our Heated Birdbath On Cape Cod.

These Bluebirds were certainly enjoying a bath in our heated birdbath the other day. They’re even yacking at each other! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

What fun it is to watch them splash around and have a good time! One of them is even standing on the warm heater!

Do you have a heated birdbath for the birds in the winter?

4 thoughts on “Bluebirds Enjoying A Bath In Our Heated Birdbath On Cape Cod.”

  1. Beyond cute!
    A family enjoying a spa day 🙂
    Are the two little birds part of the family or a completely different species?

  2. Yes, we have had a heated birdbath for a couple of decades. Our new current house seems to be a bird desert at this time of year ☚ī¸ In January we had a pair of Plains titmice check out a bird box and drank from the bath. Nothing since. Hopefully in the coming weeks activity will increase. We put up a bluebird house last April on the property and had a pair of mountain BBs raise 2 broods.

    1. The Bluebirds keep looking in our birdhouses. Hopefully someone will move in this spring… until then, the little Downey Woodpecker spends the cold nights in there!

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