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Courting Piping Plovers On Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod: Part II.


While it was such a treat to see that the Piping Plovers were back for the summer, it was even more of a treat to see them courting on the sand. “The male approaches the female, stands upright with neck stretched, and rapidly stamps his feet with an odd “high-stepping gait.” (Click on blog link for more photos.)

It was so cool to watch the two of them. And then the female settled down in the sand where I presume their nest would be. Maybe we’ll go back today and see what’s going on. We’d never seen that ritual before. Have you?

In the last photograph, you can hardly see where she is nesting in the sand.

Piping Plovers At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod: Part I.


We saw our first Piping Plovers of the season yesterday at Coast Guard Beach. What a treat! I was hoping they might be back! It was a glorious day for a walk on the beach… sunny and in the 50s, just perfect!

We noticed that all of the stakes and string was up all the way down the beach to deter people from disturbing the Piping Plovers nests and behaviors. It wasn’t until we heard their distinct sound of the “courtship whistle” that we saw them up high on the beach in  the sand.

Stop by tomorrow to see more photos and a cool story!

Bluebirds High In The Tree On A Cold Morning On Cape Cod.


Many mornings when it is still cold outside, I will look up high in the trees and see the Bluebirds perched up there trying to get the first warmth from the sun before it gets lower in the yard. It’s the only place where there is any sun at that hour and, lucky for me, the leaves haven’t come out yet so I can still see them!

Serenaded By A Little Carolina Wren In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


We have these two little Carolina Wrens who have been hanging out in our backyard all winter. They love to eat the Bluebird’s meal-worms and scurry about our deck and garden. Lately they have been waking us up each morning before dawn either chirping on our deck or singing away. It is so sweet and a good thing thing we are very early risers!

I took this photograph the other afternoon as this little guy was perched up on our outdoor shower singing to his heart’s content. It was just beautiful!

Love The Little Sanderlings At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


The Sanderlings were scurrying about looking for food by the water’s edge on Coast Guard Beach. They were so cute as they dug their little beaks in the sand looking for aquatic invertebrates such as crustaceans or mollusks. (Click on blink link for other photo.)

Have you ever seen Sanderlings along the water’s edge? How cute are these little guys?