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Lots Of Least Terns Out On The Sandbar At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


We could hear the Least Terns squawking way out on the sand bar as we walked down Coast Guard Beach. There were hundreds of them out there. And then something scared them.

I loved this photograph as they started to fly away.  What do you think?

Adorable Sanderlings At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


I love the little Sanderlings as they scurry about looking for food on Coast Guard Beach. These three were dodging the waves to find something to eat. Sanderlings are here on the Cape all year round, so you can frequently see them on the beaches or flying above.

Have you ever seen a Sanderling? Beautiful little shore bird…

The American Goldfinches Love My Flowers Here On Cape Cod.


I kept wondering what was eating the tops off of most of the flowers in my yard. And then one afternoon I saw some of my flowers shaking. There were five Goldfinches pecking away at the petals of five my Zinnia plants! Hmmmm.

I guess they have to eat too! This is a Goldfinch that I saw at Fort Hill enjoying one of the Thistle flowers by the side of the trail.

Love This Baltimore Oriole Photograph On Cape Cod.


When all of the Baltimore Orioles had migrated at the beginning of September, there was one left who hung out in our yard for 3 days. We wondered why he was still here and if he would indeed leave. (Click blog link for other photo.)

He was one of the most beautiful Baltimore Orioles that I had ever seen. Look at those colors! So I took a few photographs of him sitting on top of the bird feeder. We wondered if he was wondering where everyone else was. He was the only one still around. And then one day, he was gone too.

Beautiful Baltimore Oriole, don’t you think?