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Chatty Willets At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

You can hear the call of the Willets all over Cape Cod this time of the year. It’s as if they’re saying, “We’re back!” (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The Willets love to stand on fence railings, posts, signs and anything they can find to stand on. This guy was walking down the fence at Fort Hill. You can see how different their coloring is when they open up their wings.


Gorgeous Rose-Breasted Grosbeak In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

It was such a treat to see this gorgeous Rose-breasted Grosbeak in our yard. I have not seen one in our yard in years.

This guy has been hanging around for a couple of days now and loves the  jelly feeder. How funny! I hope he stays… maybe his wife will join him and have little ones? Beautiful bird, don’t you think?

Sisal Twine For The Baltimore Oriole’s Nests On Cape Cod!

It’s that time of the year when the Baltimore Orioles build their intricate nests high up in the trees. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Their nests are a woven, hanging nest so they need materials which they can weave. Thus, the sisal twine. I cut short pieces of it and then separate the many strands.
The Baltimore Orioles, as well as many other birds, pick it up off the ground and use it to weave their nests. It has been so much fun each spring watching these colorful Baltimore Orioles build their masterpiece nests. They are just amazing!