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Great Blue Heron At Boat Meadow Creek On Cape Cod.


We were driving home the other night when I saw this beautiful Great Blue Heron out of the corner of my eye. He was standing on the banks of the salt marsh looking for dinner. I quickly drove home and got my camera. Luckily, he was still there a few minutes later.

The Great Blue Heron is my favorite bird…. so beautiful and elegant and regal. It always “makes my day” when I see “Blue” flying up in the sky…or sitting by the creek waiting for dinner.


Osprey Feeding On the Blue Boxes On Cape Cod.


We have an Osprey who really takes advantage of the “blue boxes” on the salt marsh at Boat Meadow Creek. The blue boxes are put out each summer to help control mosquitoes and other insects near the salt marsh. (Click blog link to see other photo.)

This Osprey uses it as its perch to see the fish nearby. He then flies off, catches his fish and then brings it back to the blue box to eat, or sometimes to the telephone pole nearby. Pretty clever, huh? You can see the fish in its talons as he flies away.


Northern Flicker And Chick At Our Bird Feeder here On Cape Cod.


These two Northern Flickers were enjoying our bird feeders the other day. It looked like Dad was showing the little one, who wasn’t very little, how to get seed from the feeder. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The first photograph is of the male adult on top of the feeder. The 2nd one is the baby looking back at Dad, and the 3rd one is of them both on the feeder. The little one doesn’t quite know what do do.

So cute, don’t you think?


Bluebird Feeding Its Chick In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


I love it when the Bluebirds have their babies in our yard. They are so much fun to watch. This Mom would fly down to the feeder and get a mealworm while the baby stood on top of the feeder waiting. He was so cute! You can see it with its mouth wide open waiting for some food. (Click on blog link for more photos.)

Love the sequence of photographs. In the 1st photo, mom is on the right with the mealworm in her mouth while the little ones waits patiently. Ha! In the 2nd ¬†and 3rd photos the chick is waiting for dinner while mom is just standing there…

Too cute, don’t you think?


Least Terns Feeding On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


You never know what kinds of birds you will see on Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod. Today it was the Least Tern. They are such a beautiful bird. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

I couldn’t figure out whether it was a parent feeding its young or just two Least Terns interacting on the beach. Whichever it was, it was pretty cool to watch.