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Kayak Fishing On Cape Cod.

I bet this is not what you thought of when you read the title, “Kayak Fishing On Cape Cod.” This Great Blue Heron was making very good use of this yellow  kayak to stand on while fishing for breakfast. It was obvious that he had done it before as he he flew in and was quite adept at it. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

We watched him for quite a while while he kept catching fish after fish. He certainly had found the perfect fishing spot!

First Eastern Phoebe For Us On Cape Cod.

We haven’t seen an Eastern Phoebe since we moved to Cape Cod six years ago until… one flew onto the fence right in front of our car by the river the other morning.

My motto has always been, “Don’t leave home without your camera!” Well, I left home without my camera and here was my first Eastern Phoebe. So, I took this photograph with my iPhone. I’ve gone back several times with my camera but to no avail… he keeps hiding in the trees, probably to spite me and my forgetting my camera!


Cute Little Piping Plover At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

This photograph of the Piping Plover got lost in the shuffle last summer when I was posting bird photos. I thought it was so cute.

Love the blue, blue sky and him looking out from  the top of the little dune at Coast Guard Beach. What do you think?