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The Cormorants Were Loving This Boat On Cape Cod.

What a sight to see all of these Cormorants enjoying their time on this Sunfish which was waiting to be taken out for the season. There was even a Cormorant standing on the mooring and more of them just swimming around anxious for that precious space to open up.

All I could think of was that I hope whoever owns this boat brought a big brush to clean it off. Or maybe just flip it over! The Cormorants were loving it!

Beautiful Baltimore Orioles Are Still Here On Cape Cod!

We have seen so many Baltimore Orioles at our jelly feeder the past couple of weeks, I keep thinking that they must be filling up for their migration. I’ve never seen so many… sometimes there’s a line of 7 or 8  waiting for the feeder. And it is quite amazing that they patiently wait for their turn.

We look forward to their return each spring. They are such a beautiful bird and so chatty and colorful. We will miss them when they finally leave in the next couple of weeks.

Stunning Belted Kingfisher At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod.

When I heard that distinct rapid call of “kek-kek-kek” from the Belted Kingfisher, I knew he was nearby.  And there he was, flying over Nauset Marsh before he landed on top of the dead tree right near us at Hemenway Landing. What  treat!

Gorgeous Semipalmated Plovers On Cape Cod Bay.

I went for a walk on the bay side last evening and there were so many shore birds, I had to run home to get my camera. I haven’t seen that many shorebirds in months!

The Semipalmated Plovers were everywhere, dashing around trying to find their food in the mud flats. Semipalmated plovers are small, plump shorebirds with a short bill, long orangish legs, and a single black “necklace” of feathers.

An interesting fact: The name “semipalmated” refers to the partial webbing between the bird’s toes.