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Red-Breasted Merganser At Boat Meadow Creek On Cape Cod.


Yesterday Phil and I were  driving home from a  walk on Nauset Beach when I saw something out of the corner of my eye as we passed over the bridge on Bridge Road. Stop the car! I jumped out!

There, swimming and fishing in Boat Meadow Creek was a beautiful Red-breasted Merganser. I’ve been trying to get a good photograph of one all winter, so this was a huge treat.

The ripples in the water made for such a unique photograph. Gorgeous bird, don’t you think? Love his red eye, orange bill and his messy hair look!

Cute, Little Song Sparrow Getting Ready For A Bath At Our Home On Cape Cod!


We have so many different species of birds that come to our bird bath, for either a drink or a bath. They especially like it in the winter when many of the ponds and bird baths are frozen. We have a little heater in ours which keeps it from freezing, so the birds can always get a drink.

When we were building our home 3 years ago, that was one thing on our list that the electrician couldn’t quite understand. Yes, we wanted a plug out by the bird bath so we could have a heated bird bath all winter long. It’s a win, win for all of us!


Full House At Our Bluebird Feeders On Cape Cod.


It was so cold last week that the Bluebirds, and all of the other birds in our yard, couldn’t get enough to eat. I was filling our Bluebird mealworm feeders 3 times a day.

I loved this photograph with the 4 Bluebirds chowing down while 3 others sat on top patiently waiting their turn.

Adorable, don’t you think?

Beautiful Little Eastern Bluebird Keeping Warm In the Sun In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


When the sun gets higher in the sky, about mid-morning, the Bluebirds like to find a little branch in the sun and bask in the warmth. Sometimes you can see Bluebirds on many of the little branches way up high in the sun. This guy was about 30 feet high in the tree and there were probably 4-5 other ones on nearby branches enjoying the warm sun.

This little Bluebird was all puffed up up trying to keep warm in the cold, cold weather that  we have been having!

Little Downy Woodpecker Still Roosting In Our Bird House On Cape Cod!


Every morning about 7:30 I look out at the bird house outside of our bedroom window and see if my little friend, Downy, is awake yet. Sometimes I can see a little movement inside… he must be straightening up. 🙂 Usually within minutes, he sticks his little head out and looks around for a while. He is so cute! (I posted a blog about him in October when he first moved in and he is still living here. How cool is that!)

It is such a treat to have this little guy greet me each day. He stays for  a bit and looks around and then heads to the suet. Not a bad life… free room and board and free baths and water. Maybe he’ll stay a while longer. Sure hope so!