Bluebird Couple In Our New Birdhouse On Cape Cod


We put our new birdhouse up a couple of weeks ago and within 20 minutes we had 2 Bluebirds checking it out. We were thrilled! And then they left.

Hmmmmm. Where did they go? Were they coming back? And then a couple of days ago they returned. They have been in and out of the birdhouse so I presume they are making a home? I sure hope so! We already have Bluebirds in one of our houses on the other side of the yard, so this would make 2 Bluebirds and 2 Chickadees! Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Bluebird Couple In Our New Birdhouse On Cape Cod”

  1. Since we had snow in Connecticut yesterday, it’s especially nice to see that SOMEONE thinks spring is coming! Thank you, bluebirds!

  2. How awesome that the bluebird pair have made your birdhouse their home!! What can be cuter than baby bluebirds? Very exciting!

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