Smooth Sumac Growing In Abundance On Cape Cod


I have seen a lot of Smooth Sumac growing along the sides of the trails by the National Seashore. I wasn’t sure what it was until I did a little research.

Smooth Sumac is a large shrub which grows to about 10 feet with large, 12″ leaves. The bark is smooth and brown; the twigs are grey or red. The flowers are yellowish and bloom in June and July. The berries, which you can see in the photographs, are tiny, red, hairy, ┬ásticky and about 8″ upright. They grow in dense, conical clusters.

I also learned that it is not poisonous, like Poison Sumac.

Have you ever seen Smooth Sumac?



One thought on “Smooth Sumac Growing In Abundance On Cape Cod”

  1. I wonder if these are the same plants that grow wild–and with wild success–and that my mother used to call “railroad trees” because they sprouted up along the railroad tracks!

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