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Butter And Eggs Wildflowers Are Still Blooming On Cape Cod


The pretty yellow and orange Butter and Eggs wildflowers are still blooming on Cape Cod. They are very unique with their irregularly shaped flowers with spurs which grow right off of the stalk. The 1/2 to 1″ flowers resemble a Snapdragon and grow from July to September along roadsides and dry fields. I saw this one along the road to the beach.

Pretty, don’t you think? Have you ever seen a Butter and Eggs wildflower?

Red Bearberry Berries On Cape Cod


The pretty little pink and white bell-shaped Bearberry flowers that bloomed in early summer are now a deep red berry. I loved seeing them on the side of the trail at the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.

I’m sure they are abundant anywhere there are Bearberry bushes. So pretty, don’t you think? Have you ever seen one?

Japanese Honeysuckle Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


The Japanese Honeysuckle  are growing profusely at Fort Hill in Eastham. Japanese Honeysuckle is a  fragrant climbing vine with 1“ white flowers that grow in pairs and turn yellow with age. The flowers bloom from June through August and then become black berries.

Japanese Honeysuckle, although the flowers are very pretty, is considered an invasive plant that can smother out other plants in the area.

Have you ever seen Japanese Honeysuckle?



The Milkweed Seeds Are Dispersing All Over Cape Cod!


The Milkweed seed pods are opening up and the seeds are ready to disperse into the air. They are amazing to watch, and so pretty.

Milkweed is the primary food for Monarch butterflies, so we hope that the seeds land everywhere… maybe even in my yard?

Pretty in the sunlight, don’t you think?

Indian Pipe Wildflowers Are Blooming On Cape cod


If you’re hiking in the woods, look for the waxy white Indian Pipe wildflowers that are blooming in clusters. They have a whitish, waxy, scaly stalk with nodding waxy bell-shaped flowers. Indian Pipe does not have any chlorophyll so its nutrients come from decaying matter, thus they thrive on the forest floor.

Indian Pipe grows to 4-10″ with 1” flowers from July to September. I have been looking for them for a while and only have seen them the past week.

Have you ever seen Indian Pipe wildflowers? So unique, don’t you think?

The Fields At Fort Hill On Cape Cod Are Aglow With Goldenrod Wildflowers


The fields at Fort Hill are spectacular with the glow of Goldenrod wildflowers growing everywhere! They are unbelievable!

It seems like they went from fields of pink Sweet Pea wildflowers a few weeks ago to fields of Goldenrod wildflowers for the fall.

Gorgeous, don’t you think?