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The Blue Chicory Wildflower Is Blooming Everywhere On Cape Cod!

The blue Chicory wildflower is blooming all over Cape Cod… on the trails, on the sides of the roads, in the meadows, just about everywhere you look.

Such a pretty wildflower and such a gorgeous color! Have you seen any blue Chicory this summer? You can see it all along Route 6 from Wellfleet to Truro!

Lots of Milkweed Plants At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The meadows at Fort Hill are teeming with Milkweed plants this summer, ready for the Monarch butterflies to feed on and lay their eggs.

This was such a pretty photograph of the Milkweed in the meadow… such soft colors. What do you think?

Indian Pipe, A Plant With No Chlorophyll, Is Blooming On Cape Cod.

Indian Pipe wildflowers have no chlorophyll so they get their nutrients from decaying matter. They have whitish, waxy scaly stalks with nodding, waxy 1″  bell-shaped flowers. They grow solo or in clumps and only from 4″-10″ tall. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

They bloom from July to September in the woods, so if you’re out on a hike in the woods, maybe you will see one. Just look for the white stalks sticking out of the ground!