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Gorgeous Monarch Butterfly Still In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

This gorgeous Monarch butterfly hung around our yard most of yesterday. It might leave for a bit here and there but it always came back to feed on the white Zinnias.

Thank goodness we haven’t had a frost and I haven’t ripped out the flowers yet or it would have nothing to eat… and it’s a long way to Mexico. I just hope he got enough nourishment and survived last night’s storm to be on its way.

What a beautiful butterfly and to think it’s still here in November…

Beauty And The Beast On Cape Cod.

This was such a lovely setting at Kent Point the other day with the bright yellow Goldenrod wildflowers and bright red leaves against the fallen log. However, those pretty bright red leaves are actually poison ivy.

Did you know that you can get poison ivy any time of the year? If you touch the vines in the winter you could get a nice rash.

I was driving by the salt marsh the other day and saw a lady walking through the poison ivy to get down to the salt marsh. Oh no!  I wonder how she is feeling today… she went through quite a bit of it.

Remember the old saying, “Leaves of three, let them be!”


The Deep Purple Pokeweed Are Still Blooming On Cape Cod.


You can still see Pokeweed growing all over the place on the Cape. It’s quite amazing to watch them grow from spring to fall. The first photograph shows what it looks like now with its deep purple berries. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The 2nd photograph shows what the pretty little white flowers look like in the summer. And the last photo shows the green berries before they start to look like deep purple grapes in the fall.

Be aware that eating the berries can make you sick. Watch out for children as sometimes they mistake these berries for grapes. You can tell the difference because Pokeweed has red stems while grapes have woody stems.