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The Goldenrod Is Blooming And Beautiful At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The Goldenrod at Fort Hill is blooming and just gorgeous. Every time we stop at Fort Hill, there seems to be more Goldenrod blooming. It brings such pretty color to the fields and meadows this time of the year when everything is starting to dry up.

Gorgeous Black-Eyed Susan Wildflowers Are Blooming On Cape Cod.

I love that the Black-eyed Susan wildflowers are still blooming this late in the season. I have always loved Black-eyed Susan wildflowers as they remind me of my childhood in Connecticut and hiking the wildflower-laden trails in Colorado.

Such brilliant colors… and so many different varieties. Isn’t this one  a beauty? They bloom through October, so you still have a chance to see them.

Queen Anne’s Lace Wildflowers On Cape Cod.

Queen Anne’s Lace are such pretty wildflowers. The small, clustered flowers form a lacy, flat-topped head that look like a piece of lace… thus, the name Queen Anne’s Lace. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

When they have bloomed and are going to seed in the late summer, they are also called a “bird’s nest” as they fold up and look just like a birds nest.

They bloom from July through September, so you should still have time to see them.


Pretty Pink Water-Willows Are Blooming On Cape Cod.

The unique Water-Willow is an 3-9 foot aquatic shrub with 1/2 to 1 inch magenta flowers that blooms in July and August. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I’ve seen them growing in the shallow waters on the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill, the Silver Spring Trail at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellfleet  or at Wiley Park by the bridge. It is really cool to see how they grow in clusters along the main stem.

Have you seen any Water-Willows this summer? #eastham #wellfleet


This Will Make You Smile On Cape Cod!

When you’re in that long line of traffic heading up to Provincetown and waiting to get through the light by Cumberlands Farms in Eastham, take a glance to you left. It is sure to make you smile!

How cute is that… maybe it will relieve some of that impatience that you might be feeling. And check out those gorgeous flowers!

Vibrant Orange Trumpet Creepers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The bright orange Trumpet Creepers at Fort Hill are just spectacular this year!  (Click on blog link for other photos.)

You can see in the 2nd photo how they got their name… they are shaped just like a trumpet!

They grow to be 12′ tall and bloom till September, so you still have plenty of time to see them by the side of the road going up to the overlook.