Box Turtle Lays Her Eggs In Our Yard On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was an unbelievable day as we watched this Box Turtle sauntering around our yard for quite a while early in the morning. We watched it from time to time.  Then she stopped and began burying herself in the wood chips. Hmmmm. (Click on blog link to see additional photos.)

Little did we know that she was going to dig a nest right next to my Zinnias and lay her eggs. What a treat! I’ve never seen this ritual before. Amazing… We first saw her about 7:30 am and she finished up covering her nest about 3:30 pm. Wow! She must be exhausted!

The sequence of photographs is: 1. Looking for that perfect spot in our yard (They like their nests in the sun.) 2. She’s digging her nest with her back legs. You can see the dirt in the back. 3. She’s laying her eggs. 4. She’s covering up her nest with her back legs. 5. The nest all covered up. You wouldn’t even know it was there. Wow!

Box turtles usually lay an average of 5 eggs and lays several clutches. Eggs hatch 70-120 days later, so I will have to put that on my calendar! What an experience!

4 thoughts on “Box Turtle Lays Her Eggs In Our Yard On Cape Cod!”

  1. Yes, what an awesome experience!! When those eggs hatch, you will be delighted with the cutest baby box turtles you can imagine!!

  2. Will you mark the nest? Baby turtles are so darn cute! The first grade class at Truro Central School took care of two late hatching diamond backed terrapins this past winter for Wellfleet Audubon.

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