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Healthy Coyote Searching For Prey At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

I’ve seen many coyotes hunting for prey at Fort Hill but they were always pretty far away out in the fields. This coyote was so intent on finding lunch that he wasn’t paying attention to anyone walking by.

Beautiful animal, don’t you think?

Box Turtle Saved By The Leaf-Blower On Cape Cod!

Yesterday Phil was out blowing the leaves off of our road when he came across  this beautiful Box Turtle in a pile of leaves right in the middle of the road. He didn’t even see it until the leaves were just about blown to the side.  And there he was. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Thank goodness Phil was there at “just the right time”as a car might have driven right over it. This little guy was definitely saved by the leaf-blower. He was such a beautiful Box Turtle who blended right in with the leaves.

Spectacular Morning At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

This was the perfect morning to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach. It was chilly but there was no wind and absolutely gorgeous!

The clouds were spectacular and the shore birds and seals were plentiful as we walked along the shore.

It was one of those “pinch me” days!

Lots Of Seals At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

We were so surprised to see so many seals swimming right off-shore at Coast Guard Beach. It seemed like they would pick someone and swim with them down to the spit. (Click on blog link for  other photo.)

These two guys were keeping us company…