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Little Raccoon Loving Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod.


This little raccoon comes by quite often for a drink from our bird baths. He and his family pretty much drain them each night, as well as leave their sandy paw prints along the rim of the bird bath. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

This photograph is a little unusual in that he was getting his drink about 6:30 am when it is already light outside, and not in the middle of the night when he usually comes. Raccoons are usually nocturnal animals.

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Love The Wildlife In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


It is always such a treat to look outside and see some sort of wildlife in our yard. Today it was this White-Tailed Deer sauntering through, looking for something to eat.

I think I surprised him as I took this photograph from inside our house through the glass. He stared at me for a bit and then moved on.