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First Seal Of The Season At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


I saw my first seal of the season at Coast Guard Beach the other day. There were quite a few of them in the water, so the water must be warming up a bit. The latest I heard was that the water was 54 degrees. Brrrr…

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Adorable Little Bunny in Our Yard On Cape Cod


We both saw something scurry across our garden yesterday morning. It was tiny, not much bigger than a hamster. As we slowly investigated, we saw this tiny little bunny just looking  up at us.

He was so cute as I got this photograph of him munching on the Zinnia leaf. It is a dwarf Zinnia, only about 6″ tall.

Cute little critter, huh?

Huge Horseshoe Crab At The Salt Pond in Eastham On Cape Cod


We were taking a walk around the Salt Pond by the Visitor’s Center the other day when we saw this huge horseshoe crab right at the high tide mark. Oh no! It was sitting in the grass and needed to get back to the water.

We hemmed and hawed about how to get it back in the water and came up with a good plan. As Phil lifted it up very carefully so as not to scare it, we realized it was only the shell. Ha! Ha!

The joke was on us!! He really had us fooled!! It looked so real!

Persistent Squirrel At Our Bird Feeders On Cape Cod


The squirrels just love to try and attack our bird feeders here on Cape Cod… and everywhere! They are eager for that easy handout. Well, we got smart and put up a baffle and they can no longer get to the food.

However, they try and try and try, over and over and over again. They can crawl way up in the baffle but it is closed at the top so they can’t get through. They are so funny! Such persistent little creatures!

What Animal Is This On Boat Meadow Marsh On Cape Cod?


As I was taking a walk to the beach the other day, I saw this very strange “thing” on the marsh. I’m sure the ice from the deep freeze we had a few weeks ago with all of the flooding helped this along. My imagination took over…

Doesn’t it look like a huge animal head coming out of the marsh? You can see the the big head with its mouth and ice tusks and its dark nose up on the left. Its eye is on the top of its head with its ears down to the right. I thought it was so cool.

What do you think? It’s amazing what your imagination can come up with if you let it go…!