Pair Of Ospreys Setting Up Shop On Cape Cod Until…

We were so excited to see this pair of Osprey making their new home on top of this pole not too far from our house. They were bringing in some nice branches which they placed very strategically on the nest. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

They were both chirping away as the male was bringing in fish for the female. Or they would sit in a nearby tree and enjoy their meal.

I took these photographs the first day I saw them, thinking that I’d go back and get some better ones on another day. They were so easy to see.

We went back a few days later and the nest was gone, replaced by a 1/2 of a large cylinder that was now sitting sideways on top of the pole so they could not put a nest there as it was no longer flat. I saw one of the Osprey land on the 1/2 cylinder for a few moments while the other one flew above, chirping way. It quickly flew away.

Our excitement from a few days before was replaced by a great sadness that they were looking for their nest to have their babies and it was no longer there.


4 thoughts on “Pair Of Ospreys Setting Up Shop On Cape Cod Until…”

  1. I wonder why the cylinder was placed on the pole. Would the ospreys or people have been in danger if the nest were successful?

  2. Your photos of these beautiful osprey are fantastic, Mel!
    It is terribly sad that they were unable to build their nest on the pole but I am hopeful they will find a new and safer location for their nest. These birds are very adaptable and smart.
    We have the privilege of seeing many osprey in our area often flying back to their nests with a fish in their talons . So cool!

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