Beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly At Wiley Park On Cape Cod.

We were just commenting a couple of weeks ago that we hadn’t seen a Mourning Cloak butterfly here on the Cape in a couple of years. And then we saw this flash of flutter along the trail while hiking at Wiley Park a few days ago.

This gorgeous Mourning Cloak butterfly landed on an old log and stayed there long enough for us to get lots of photographs. Isn’t he just beautiful? I love the blue dots along his wings.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly At Wiley Park On Cape Cod.”

  1. So happy you saw this beautiful butterfly, Mel. I, too, love those blue markings along the edges of it’s wings. Thanks for sharing!

  2. One interesting fact: Mourning cloak butterflies hibernate over the winter and “thaw out” in the springtime to mate!

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