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Two Cabbage White Butterflies On Cape Cod.


There is always an abundance of Cabbage White butterflies flitting about on Cape Cod, but I don’t often get two in the same frame. They are usually too busy flying about to land on anything for very long.

Cabbage White butterflies have charcoal wingtips. The females have 2 FW spots while the males have just one.  Have you ever seen a Cabbage White? Pretty, don’t you think?

The Monarch Butterfly’s Eggs Are Now Caterpillars On Cape Cod!


The Monarch butterflies fly all the way up north from Mexico to lay their eggs on the underside of Milkweed plants.  These eggs will grow into a beautiful caterpillar like this one which goes through 5 stages and eventually makes its own chrysalis. It will emerge as a gorgeous Monarch butterfly! The new Monarch butterfly will get strong enough to make the journey back south before the weather gets too cold. Amazing, don’t you think?

Have you ever seen a Monarch caterpillar? We had a chrysalis hanging from one of the shingles on our house last fall. I sure hope we see another one this year!

Common Wood Nymph Butterfly On Cape Cod.


I’ve seen many of these Common Wood Nymph butterflies along the sides of the trails here on Cape Cod. I usually see them in the shade. This is the only Wood Nymph species found east of the Mississippi.

Common Wood Nymph are overall tan to dark brown with 2 orange eyespots on their forewings. They frequently have numerous eyespots on the hindwings. This particular one has tiny white eyespots on its hindwings.

Have you ever seen a Common Wood Nymph butterfly?

Milkweed Plants Are Plentiful On Cape Cod.


The Milkweed plants, which the Monarchs love to feed on and lay their eggs on, are plentiful here on Cape Cod. Fort Hill is especially prolific this summer. (Click on blog link to see other photos.)

The first photograph is of the Milkweed flower. The 2nd one is of the fields of Milkweed plants at Fort Hill that attract the Monarchs.

The last photograph is of the Milkweed pod, when they have gone by in the fall. The pod will open up and disperse thousands of seeds in the wind and land where a new Milkweed plant will grow next summer.

The Monarch Butterflies Are Back On Cape Cod This Summer!


The Monarch butterflies are back on Cape Cod and they are gorgeous! It is so beautiful to see their bright orange color  flitting from flower to flower in the meadows or yards. I have seen so many at Fort Hill feeding on the Milkweed and in our yard feeding on the Butterfly Plants.

I took this photograph as the Monarch was feeding on the Milkweed plant at Fort Hill. So pretty, don’t you think?


Beautiful Coral Hairstreak Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


I had never seen a Coral Hairstreak before, so when I took this photograph, I had to do a little research. They are a small butterfly, only 1-1 1/4″ and overall brown with bright coral markings.

Have you ever seen a Coral Hairstreak? Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? Love how it landed on the orange Butterfly Weed Plant… so pretty. It seems like everytime I go to Fort Hill I see another new butterfly. Such a magical place.