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Gorgeous Monarch Butterfly Still In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

This gorgeous Monarch butterfly hung around our yard most of yesterday. It might leave for a bit here and there but it always came back to feed on the white Zinnias.

Thank goodness we haven’t had a frost and I haven’t ripped out the flowers yet or it would have nothing to eat… and it’s a long way to Mexico. I just hope he got enough nourishment and survived last night’s storm to be on its way.

What a beautiful butterfly and to think it’s still here in November…

Beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly At Wiley Park On Cape Cod.

We were just commenting a couple of weeks ago that we hadn’t seen a Mourning Cloak butterfly here on the Cape in a couple of years. And then we saw this flash of flutter along the trail while hiking at Wiley Park a few days ago.

This gorgeous Mourning Cloak butterfly landed on an old log and stayed there long enough for us to get lots of photographs. Isn’t he just beautiful? I love the blue dots along his wings.

Lots Of Cabbage White Butterflies On Cape Cod.

I saw so many these Cabbage White butterflies flitting all around the meadows during the summer. It always seems that at the beginning of the summer, they never stop so I never get a decent photograph. But, toward the end of the summer I find them alighting on a bush or flower and I am able to get a photo. They must be tired!

You can tell that this is a female because she only has one black spot on her wings. Have you seen a lot of Cabbage White butterflies too?

Gorgeous American Painted Lady Butterfly In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

It seems like I’ve seen more butterflies in the past couple of weeks than I’ve seen all summer! This American Painted Lady was flitting from flower to flower in our yard and stayed for quite a while. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The ironic thing is that when I bought these flats of flowers, they were marked “pink,” which is what I wanted. By the time they started to bloom, I realized that they were all white and it was too late to get any pink ones as they were all sold out. Well, the butterflies LOVE these white Zinnias! Guess what color flowers I will get neat year?

You can tell that this is an American Painted Lady because of the two blue spots on each wing.¬† Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? I love the difference in the upper-side¬† and under-side of the wings of these beauties.