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One Of Our First Butterflies This Season On Cape Cod.

I saw a little flutter of blue along the trail and was hoping it was one of the first butterflies of the season here on Cape Cod, the Spring Azure. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

It was a Spring Azure and I was in for a treat as it flitted about the trail for quite  a quite while we clicked away. You can see how vivid the blue is when the butterfly has its wings extended, and then how so dramatically different it is when its sings are folded.

Have you ever seen a Spring Azure butterfly? So pretty, don’t you think?

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! May you also see something special today!

The Milkweed Seeds Are Ready To Disperse On Cape Cod.

The Milkweed seeds are dangling from their pods as they wait for the wind to disperse them into the air. I loved this photograph as the seeds are hanging on by a thread. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

You can still see a full pod as well as the one that has opened on this Milkweed plant. These plants are so important for the Monarch butterflies as it is the sole host plant for Monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Lots of Milkweed Plants At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The meadows at Fort Hill are teeming with Milkweed plants this summer, ready for the Monarch butterflies to feed on and lay their eggs.

This was such a pretty photograph of the Milkweed in the meadow… such soft colors. What do you think?