A Huge Coyote In Our Backyard on Cape Cod

Just as we were going to sleep the other night our Motion Detector lights went on in the back yard. I thought it was probably the racoon that comes by periodically, hoping to raid the bird feeders. But I got up anyway, just to see what it was. And there…standing by the bird feeder was this huge coyote. It looked like a silhouette against the dark woods and the light in front. He was big and muscular and looked just like a wolf.

So I went online this morning to read about coyotes on Cape Cod and this is what I learned:

“It has been known for several years that the coyotes in the Cape Cod area have much in common with wolves. Mainly wolf DNA. Some coyotes in MA that have been tested have come up as 90% eastern wolf. I have received a number of reports where people claim to have seen large, wolf-like canines on Cape Cod.”

This certainly looks like what I saw. Wow!

(This is a photograph of a coyote that I took a few years ago  in Colorado as the one I saw here was gone before I could get my camera and get a good photograph.  But the one I saw here looked very similar.)


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