Baby Bluebird Feeding In Our Yard On Cape Cod

We have so many baby birds in our yard, it is truly amazing. There are baby Bluebirds, baby Red-winged Blackbirds, baby Finches, baby Downy Woodpeckers, a baby Red-tailed Hawk, baby Baltimore Orioles, baby Sparrows, baby Chickadees, baby Robins, baby Catbirds, and a baby Red-bellied Woodpecker. Whew! Every time I walk outside, it sounds like a nursery with all of the babies chirping!

As Phil said, “We were doing fine with the seed and grape jelly until we had to feed all of the families… and some of them have 4 babies!” But, oh so much fun!

This little baby Bluebird was sitting on top of the bird feeder. Its mom had been feeding it seeds from the feeder. Well, this Baltimore Oriole flew in and the little Bluebird just opened its mouth expecting to get fed! Ha!

Adorable, don’t you think?

One thought on “Baby Bluebird Feeding In Our Yard On Cape Cod”

  1. This photo makes me smile! The bluebird’s demand is clear; I keep wondering what the oriole is thinking.
    Do you think the bird families will soon expect daycare from you and Phil? 🙂

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